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‘Never Been a Side Anything’: Bambi Denies Creeping with Lil Scrappy During His and Erica Dixon’s Relationship

It looks like Lil Scrappy’s wife Bambi is hitting back at critics who accused her of once being a side-chick.

On the latest episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” Bambi got into a huge verbal altercation with newcomer to the show LightSkinKeisha and her boyfriend Coa Vango. She accused Keisha of trying to push up on Vango while he was still in a relationship with her friend. Vango and Bambi’s friend eventually parted and that’s when Vango made it official with Keisha.

LightSkinKeisha (L) and Bambi (R) @lightskinkeisha and @adizthebam/Instagram

Bambi, however, felt the rap diva’s actions violated “girl code.” She had no interest in being cool with Keisha. Social media users accused Bambi of being hypocritical. Her husband’s ex-fiancée, Erica Dixon, claimed Bambi was messing around with Lil Scrappy while they were engaged.

Bambi Benson and Erica Dixon @adizthebam @msericadixon/Instagram

Bambi recently addressed the claims on an Instagram live video and hit back at critics for coming for her. When an IG follower asked the expecting mother if Dixon’s past claims were true, she responded, “B–ch no! First of all, at the end of the day, if that was my position it would still be my position. I’ve never been a side anything. So if you can roll back some footage of me f–king with Scrapp when he was in a relationship, please find it for me. I want facts.”

She said her issue with Keisha is that she violated girl code.

“My issue is with my friend and somebody pretending to be her friend but having sex with her man at the same time,” said Bambi. “I was single, I was with a single person at the same time, so that don’t even got nothing to do with it. One don’t even have nothing to do with the other.”

Despite Bambi defending her actions, fans still poured in their mixed opinions.

“She seem more mad then the friend that got ‘snaked’ We still haven’t forgot how you were in the hot tub with KIRK aka ‘RASHEEDAS HUSBAND’ a while back 🌝🌝”

“Side chicks can end up a wife… y’all forgot about Amina and Peter?! Deep down he really wanted to be with Tara. Same for Scrappy and Bambi, he wanted to marry Erica but Erica did not want him. Thats how you were able to slide in that role after you were messing with him behind Erica’s back. The whole Atlanta know, stop capping Bambi, you did basically the same thing you accusing LightSkinKeisha of. 🙄”

“Bambi lied,she was wit Scrap when he was in a relationship!🙄😑you was a sidechick until he made you important!!!! The lies ppl tell,Bambi you was a storyline for Scrap as one of his many women…Bye chile”

“Wait didn’t Bambi come between Erica and Scrappy??? I CANNOT!!🤨🤨🤨🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Bambi it really doesn’t matter the man moves on he’s no longer with your friend leave it alone damn🤦🏿‍♀️”

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