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‘Cases or Corona’: Tami Roman Reveals She Almost Got Into a Fight Enforcing Social Distancing, Thanks Husband for Keeping Her ‘Sane’

Keeping a 6-foot distance from other individuals and self-isolating at home can slow the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Some people may not adhere to these recommendations, but former “Basketball Wives” reality star Tami Roman is and takes the guidelines very seriously. 

The mother of two took to Instagram over the weekend to share with followers that her husband, Reginald Youngblood, is keeping her calm and collected as they practice social distancing from home while she speculates about signs that might be symptoms of COVID-19. 

“Just me & YB til the wheels fall off ❤️ @reggieyb1; thank you for keeping me sane during Rona cuz my ass think I got it every other day,” the “Bonnet Chronicles” creator wrote.

“#hypochondriacchronicles#AreHivesASymptom#WhatAboutEarInfection #ItchyEyes#Allergies #OhOk 😂😂😂😂 #NahForReal #PrayersUp#ForThoseStricken #AndThoseLost 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #FCorona 📸 @npearcypics,” she added. 

Former “Basketball Wives” reality star Tami Roman and husband Reginald Youngblood.

Fans took to the outspoken reality diva’s comments section hilariously sharing some of their experiences and speculations about self-isolation and symptoms of COVID-19.

“Right! I’m over here like is this Heartburn or Rona 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #noided.” 

“Gurl, I take my temperature every day… if it’s off by a couple of points …..I’m like the hell is going on.”

“This made me laugh because I can relate. 😂 Allergies, sinuses, anxiety. Whew CHYLE, prayers for us all. 🙌🏽😏.” 

“You’re just like my husband. I can’t even cough or clear my throat without him telling me don’t bring that sh*t home.😄😄.”

“I swear I got it every time I walk out the damn door.”

“Whew me too. A hypochondriac 😩Thank God he can keep your thoughts together.”

Roman also admitted in her comments section that she almost got into a kerfuffle after a man didn’t want to abide by the 6-foot social distancing rule.

“Praying for us both… Be safe y’all. Only go out if you must 😘.”

“Me too sis, I just couldn’t do it anymore 😂😂 I almost got into a fight telling this man to back TF up in the line! I ain’t catching no C’s #CasesOrCorona 😂😂,” Roman admitted to the fan.

While Roman may be anxious about catching COVID-19, the 49-year-old protects herself in a hazmat-like bodysuit while running errands. 

“Dear Tami, you’ve been selected to make the food run 🤷🏽‍♀️🙏🏽😩,” she captioned her March 21 post. 

Tami Roman dresses in a hazmat-like bodysuit to protect herself from the SARS-CoV-2 virus while running errands.

Fans found Roman’s protective measures funny but understandable due to the vast spread of the virus. 

“Not the hazmat suit⁉️😩🤣😭.”

“At least you serving looks too.”

“I’m weak🤣🤣; be careful, Queen.”

“Shid just got real 😂…stay safe!”

“Oh lord, here we go😂😂😂😂. @tamiroman, you got this.”

“Literal hunger games 😂.” 

Welp! At least Roman is taking cautionary actions to make sure that she doesn’t get infected.

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