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‘Best One I’ve Seen’: Kandi Burruss Stuns Fans with Beauty in ‘No Makeup’ Challenge

Kandi Burruss is apparently a knockout with or without makeup.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star and her cast mates were challenged by her co-star Eva Marcille to strip down to their natural essence. The former “Top Model” star kicked off a new social media challenge on Wednesday, April 1, that she calls the “WashFace Challenge.”

Marcille posted a video of her beautiful bare face to Instagram while at work at the “Rickey Smiley Show” and urged women to post a makeup-free selfie.

Eva Marcille
Eva Marcille. (Photo: @evamarcille/Instagram)

“The point of the challenge is to ignite the confidence in you,” the mother of three wrote in her caption. “No need for filters and makeup and enhancement to be beautiful. Be bold enough to be you.”

She called on her “RHOA” co-stars to join the trend, adding, “I nominate every single real housewife of Atlanta.” Of course Burruss was one of the first to accept.

Burruss uploaded a makeup and weave-free selfie to her IG page. She showed her seven million followers how she looked without anything to glam her up.

Kandi Burruss
Kandi Burruss. @kandi/Instagram

“My #RHOA girls doin #NoMakeup challenges with lash extensions, fillers, & filters,” she wrote. “I’m gonna keep it 💯 wit y’all. I’m lookin tired AF with these dark circles, no makeup, no lashes, hair ain’t done, nails f*cked up… 🤣🤣🤣 This quarantine bs ain’t for me. Teaching school, cleaning, & cooking all day… I can’t take it!!!! This can’t be life 😩.”

Fans showered the mother of three with compliments on her natural beauty and applauded her for her bravery.

“Beauty is her name”

“Stunning @kandi Real as always!!!!❤️🙌🏾 I feel you girl!!!!”

“I LOVE it and you for this Kandi😍 Beautiful!❤️ your skin looks really good!”

“LOL! You look good and We’ll get through this! you still look very pretty though ❤️🔥”

“Why you look like the girl that stayed in fights all the time at school😂😂#cuteandmean”

“We are going nuts at this house. BTW you look good Best one I’ve seen! 😍, wishing you and the family good health. Erik said say hello to Todd❤️”

Marcille commented on Burruss’ post and thanked her for fully participating in the challenge.


“Thank you so much for accepting this challenge. I love you for this. Even though some people take this as a slight or a personal dig this really is about the beauty within you. I knew if I could get some of the worlds most beautiful and favorite people to takeoff their make up and show how regular and still beautifully flawed they are it would help other women with their confidence.

Marcille’s makeup challenge comes a few days short after her and Burruss’ co-star Nene Leakes shaded Marcille on “Entertainment Tonight.” Leakes said Bravo should replace the model with her off-again, on-again friend Kim Zolciak-Biermann. Leakes, however, participated in the makeup-free challenge along with the other ladies.

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