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‘You Had Your Mom’: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Charmaine Walker Shares Heartwarming Pic of Baby Nola, and Fans Say She Resembles Charmaine’s Late Mother

Charmaine Walker is happier than ever to be a new mother.

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star has been posting photos of her newborn daughter Nola Bey to social media nonstop. On Tuesday, she took to Instagram and shared a picture of her baby girl lying in her bed. Baby Nola was sitting in her infant support seat that was plastered with the words “happy,” ”smile,” ”joy” and “baby.”

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker’s daughter Nola Bey. @charmainej_tv/Instagram

With her eye wide open, the infant seemingly looked into the camera as her mother captured a photo. Walker wrote in her caption, “Quarantining and chillin with our pride and joy! @nolagbey 💕 the sleepless nights are so worth it! 🥰.”

Walker’s post of her daughter racked up more than 100,000 likes and a shower of compliments. Most fans were amazed by how much the star’s daughter resembled Charmaine’s late mother, Glenda Walker.

“Wow she looks EXACTLY LIKE YOUR MOM.. God is awesome”

“Omg that is literally your mother😩 she’s always with you 😍 ❤️ she’s so gorgeous”

“Hey blue eyes and blonde hair … she’s beautiful you literally had your mother 🙌🏽💋❤️. Awww congrats again”

“She’s your mom all over 🥰🥰🙏🏾 Omg! Her eyes!!! She’s going to have colored eyes. What a babe with that hair 😍”

“Omg I see your mom in the baby wow congratulations you too she is absolutely gorgeous”

“She resembles her dad and have her grandmother’s complexion  #perfectcombination ❤️”

Walker’s mother passed away in October away from a heart attack, according to Charmaine Walker. The “Black Ink” star decided to honor her mother by naming her daughter after her.

Charmaine Walker
Charmaine Walker and her mother Glenda Walker. (Photo: @charmainej_tv/Instagram)

Charmaine Walker and her husband Neek Bey are enjoying their new bundle of joy. The day after their daughter was born, the new mother described picturing her mom while giving birth.

“Hearts are full 💜 #NolaGlendaBey was born yesterday at 4:41 !” Charmaine Walker wrote on March 15. “6lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inches! When I was pushing her out I had an image of my mom holding her and it was the most beautiful experience ever.”

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