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‘This is Peak Elementary School’: Fans are Floored by Gabrielle Union’s Decades’ Old Throwback Photo

Actress Gabrielle Union now is among many to go back down memory lane to participate in the #UntilTommorow challenge on Instagram after being tagged in legendary songstress Janet Jackson’s #UntilTommorow post. 

“#UntilTomorrow @gabunion @teyanataylor @ciara @naomi @normani @alexwangny @realjohnnygill22 @ghsduldulao @prestonmakeup @missymisdemeanorelliott 😝,” Jackson wrote for her caption.

“Oh, boy!!! Let’s see what I got in the vault,” Union commented on Jackson’s post. 

Union then uploaded a double-face photo from her childhood wearing a purple sweater and pigtails.

“#UntilTomorrow 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,” Union captioned her photo.

Gabrielle Union’s throwback photo as part of the #UntilTomorrow challenge

The 47-year-old Union garnered favorable views from fans who thought the picture was hilarious and were awed at the fact that Union pretty much looks the same as she did when she was a child.

“This pic is PEAK elementary school. Like… I hear the class bells just looking at it.”

“The double photo just destroys me 😂.”

“Looking the same and s%^#!!! 🙌🏾.”

“Look the same❤️,” Tina Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother, wrote to Union. 

“U look the same dude,” Comedian DeRay Davis commented. 

“See who still looks the same. 😍.”

“OMG, you have not changed 😱😱😱.” 

Union tagged fellow actress Meagan Good, with whom she co-starred in “Think Like A Man,” and “Think Like A Man Too” as well as Jackson. Good also participated

Good responded to Union tagging her in the photo. 

“Yeeeees!!! Lol so good! 🥰🥰🥰🥰.” 

So, how does the #UntilTomorrow challenge work?

The challenge begins when someone likes the other person’s photo.

Then the person who posted the picture will send direct messages to the people who liked the photo, telling them they must upload a picture of themselves and leave it up for 24 hours, thus creating the #UntilTomorrow challenge. 

 Check out Good’s and Jackson’s #UntilTomorrow photos below. 

Singer Janet Jackson and Actress Meagan Good upload their #UntilTomorrow challenge photos to their Instagram pages.
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