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‘Wow You Upgraded’: Meagan Good Participates in The ‘Until Tomorrow’ Challenge, Fans Tease Her About Her Younger Appearance

Meagan Good made her acting debut at the ripe age of four and went on to star in some of the biggest films in America. The 38-year-old seamlessly transitioned from a childhood actress to a television sex symbol and people seemingly forgot how she looked in her younger years.

The “Think Like A Man” actress uploaded an old black-and-white adolescent photograph of herself to Instagram on March 26. The young star smiled wide for her picture and wore a half-up, half-down box braided hairstyle with black rubber bands tied at her ends. Good was participating in the “Until Tomorrow” viral internet phenomenon challenge. The premise of the challenge is for people to post an embarrassing photo of themselves on social media for one whole day, and then delete the entire posting the next.

Meagan Good participates in the “Until Tomorrow” social media challenge. @meagangood/Instagram

Social media users appeared to be surprised at Good’s seemingly nerdy childhood appearance and flooded her Instagram page with their reactions.

“Aw man😂😂😂 At least I know you ain’t always look that good😭😭,” one user commented.

A second fan wrote, “Wow you upgraded.”

@meagangood the growth 😂,” a third fan jokingly wrote.

“Damn your teeth big 🤣🤣,”a fourth user said.

A fifth fan gushed, “Look at those teeth lol; you still cute though lol.”

“I see you always had lip gloss 🤣,” a sixth user playfully said.

The “Cousin Skeeter” childhood star revealed that she has always been confident in her appearance despite not growing up with perfect hair or teeth. “I grew up super nerdy, super skinny, buckteeth, big ole afro and yet I had a sense of confidence about myself, like, they just don’t get it yet,” she said an interview with Vibe. Good’s childish looks seemingly did not follow her into adulthood.

Meagan Good serving face in her full glam shot @meagangood/Instagram

Good landed a role as a young, sassy, younger sibling in the 2003 romantic drama “Deliver Us From Eva.” The movie was a huge success and scored Good the recognition she needed to cross over to more adult roles. Good became eye-candy for many people around the world and in return was starring in more steamy performances. The California native revealed that she is comfortable being a sex symbol to a certain extent. She shared she feels it’s important for women to always love and embrace themselves for who they are.

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