‘Tell Me When it’s Over’: Porsha Willams Shows Fans That She’s Going To Do The Big Chop And Their Anxiety Is Through The Roof


Porsha Williams may just be a little scissor happy according to her fans. The reality star from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” led her social media followers to believe that she was undergoing a major hair transformation on Wednesday, April 1.

The 38-year-old model posted a video to Instagram on April 1 of her sitting in a gray chair with a pair of green scissors in her hands. Williams pulled one of her long braided hair pieces away from her face and placed her cutting tool to the root of her hair in the three-second video clip. The mother of one indicated in her caption that she was going to chop off all of her hair.

Porsha Williams holds a pair of green scissors to her luscious braided tresses. @porsha4real/Instagram

#BigChop on my TikTok: PJMomma 🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s a new day ❤️ #newDay,” she wrote. The Pampered by Porsha sheets founder shared her photo to the social platform on April Fools Day, but her followers seemingly thought her new short tresses would make her look like a joke.

“Realllyyy? !! Don’t cut it! Get a short wig instead 😩,” one user urged.

A second fan commented, “🙈 Tell me when it’s over.”

“Don’t do this. Stay away from the scissors,” a third fan encouraged.

A fourth fan wrote, “This gotta be a April Fools joke or somethin 😩.”

“This gave me anxiety lol,” a fifth admitted.

“When you don’t feel like taking your braids out 😂,” a sixth jokingly wrote.

@porsha4real why would you do that ? It’s looks great like this,” a seventh user asked.

Porsha Williams flaunting her blonde wig @porsha4real/Instagram

The Georgia native is known for switching up her locks from time to time, so her drastic hair change should not have come as a surprise to her fans. Williams revealed in an interview with Allure that her mini Atlanta mansion is home to over 40 different wigs. Williams explained that she has a room in her house specifically for her hairpieces, and implied that taking care of her precious wigs is almost a full-time job. Her assistant is responsible for maintaining her glam room in addition to pulling off the shelves old wigs that are in dire need of hair treatments.

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