‘The Lashes Tho’: Porsha Williams’ TikTok Video Derails After Fans Pay Attention to Her Lashes


Porsha Williams recently revealed that she is enjoying social distancing. The longtime cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” seems to have a lot of free time on her hands now that she’s working from home. The Dish Nation personality has bombarded her Instagram page with videos of her practicing TikTok dance routines and reenacting scenes from reality television shows.

The Georgia native seemingly always has a breathtaking appearance before she uploads her TikTok challenges to Instagram. However, this one makeup item on her face seemingly distracted her viewers as they were tuning in to her social media performance.

Porsha Williams reenacting scenes from Season 12 of “Bad Girls Club” @porsha4real/Instagram

Williams posted a video to Instagram on March 30 of her reenacting scenes from Season 12 of the former Oxygen reality show, “Bad Girls Club.” In these scenes, a former cast member of “Bad Girls Club,” Redd got into a heated argument with the show’s Life Coach Laura Baron, after Baron called her disrespectful for vandalizing one of her castmate’s photographs. The TikTok skit, which derived from the original scene of Baron telling Redd she’s disrespectful, begins with Baron saying to Redd simply, “Because it’s disrespectful.” Redd responds to her life coach with the words “To you.” As the video progresses, Baron continues to call Redd disrespectful and Redd continues to reply by saying “To you.”

Williams pretended to be Redd in the scenario, and correctly mocked every word that Redd said in the original scene. She topped her performance off by showcasing her unruffled attitude. The mother of one concluded her reenactment by rolling her eyes, pulling her long, black, false lashes off, and then pretending to fall asleep on her large brown sofa. Some fans praised her for her hilarious internet performance, while others thought her lashes stole the spotlight.

“The lashes tho 😩,” one user wrote.

“Are them lashes magnet,” a second fan asked.

“Okay drop the link for those lashes please! 😩😍,” a third user begged.

A fourth fan commented, “Dayum the lashes!! 🔥🔥🔥.”

A fifth user gushed, “Love your lashes. 👍🏽👍🏽😁.”

“Girl those lashes are way too long… LOL,” said a sixth.

Porsha Williams holding her braided tresses in her hand @porsha4real/Instagram

This is not the first time Williams’ TikTok video has stirred up quite the conversation on the internet. Williams recently participated in the “Savage” TikTok dance challenge and seemingly did not know the choreography to the routine. Her off-beat performance left fans crying from laughter, and they teased the superstar for her lack of rhythm.

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