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‘You Are Glowing’: Keri Hilson Shares The One Free Item Everyone Has To Make Their Natural Skin Glow

Keri Hilson appears to be cutting back on skincare products to achieve her clear, healthy-looking skin. The R&B singing sensation posted a makeup-free video to Instagram on March 21 and opened up to fans about her new daily routine since having to self-quarantine. Her blemish-free face distracted viewers, and the “Pretty Girl Rock” hitmaker shared the secret to her glistening skin in her comments.

Hilson revealed her beauty secrets are much simpler than people think. In fact, the answer lies right in your own body sweat. “I’ma be straight up witcha…any glisten you see must be the result of sweat & the amount of water I drink, cuz I ain’t applied NAN lotion after showering 😂 and I prolly won’t until we’re free again,” she wrote.

Social media users were flabbergasted that her key to healthy-looking skin was something that was free and could be produced from one’s own body. They posted their reactions to her beauty tricks in her comments.

“Omg you are glowing😍 who knew sweat could make your skin glisten like this 💕,”one user gushed.

A second fan wrote, “I believe you on the water. I work so much caffeine is usually my intake before water. Gotta change that but thank you so much for the feedback.”

“I noticed my face always clears up when I workout more so maybe sweat could help…,” a third user suggested.

A fourth fan offered a suggestion: “You should be using Shea Butter, Queen.”

“Girl I feel you. I haven’t been lotioning since I’m not leaving the crib, but unlike you, I’m ashy af 😂💯🤷🏾‍♀️,” a fifth user jokingly wrote.

“I’ve been drinking almost 3 liters of water for the past 3 weeks, my skin still looks the same 😩,” a sixth person said.

Keri Hilson showing her glistening skin by sitting in her car @kerihilson/Instagram

Hilson appears to have a positive perceptive on staying in the house for a long period of time. She implied that she has been focusing on her mental and physical health by reading, meditating, stretching, praying, and running on her treadmill. The R&B artist claims that she will come out stronger and better after the pandemic is over since she has spent so much time focusing on her health.

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