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‘Love That Blonde Hair’: Joseline Hernandez Music Video Has Fans Wanting Her to Dye Her Hair

Joseline Hernandez posted the full video to her song “Sex Drive” on Thursday, which she first teased last month. People had both positive and negative things to say about it in the Instagram comments afterward. They brought up her hair as well.

That’s because the “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star was sporting blond hair instead of her usual black. It seems that some of her followers implied that she ought to keep the color going forward.

Some people implied that Joseline Hernandez should keep the blond hair that she wore in her “Sex Drive” video. (Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“Like the blonde wig,” one person wrote.

“Love that blonde hair,” wrote another.

“Love that blonde,” read another person’s near identical message.

As for the video, it starts with Hernandez strolling in slow motion on a beach. She’s then seen talking on the phone and lets the person on the other end know she means nothing but business.

“I told this motherf—–r I was coming for that bag,” said Hernandez.

From there, the camera shows an aerial view of Miami, then Hernandez can be seen walking into a strip club with her boyfriend Balistic Beats, who produced the cut.

“I mean killed it 😎🙌🤤🤑🤑🤑,” someone wrote about the video.

“Sorry I’m not feeling the song or the video I think you can do better you have to much talent for that one to be your first to post on IG but that’s just my opinion,” another person stated. “Good luck on your music @joseline🙏🏽.”

The opinions on the actual song varied too.

“This song is whack,” someone commented.

“🔥🔥🔥This one HERE,” another person wrote.

“By far the best song uve ever made!! 🔥🔥🔥,” someone else let Hernandez know.

There were also a lot of men who left lustful comments under the video and told Hernandez that they really enjoyed it.

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