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‘These Kids Get on My Nerves’: Erica Dixon’s Teenage Daughter Refuses to Let Her Be Great While Learning the ‘Renegade’ Dance

Even before people across the globe found themselves thrust into quarantines due to “the ’rona,” folks were hitting every dance move and then some on TikTok, including Erica Dixon and her teenage daughter Emani Richardson.

Dixon, who is 35 years old, was keeping with the times this week as she attempted to learn one of the latest TikTok dance crazes, the renegade, in a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday.

Erica Dixon’s teen daughter tries to teach her the renegade dance, but things go completely left. @msericadixon/Instagram

With a camera set up on the counter, the 14-year-old cued up the music and proceeded to take her mom through each step before things derailed. Dixon stared at her daughter flying through the moves before saying, “Wait, we didn’t finish, suh!”

Fans of the “Former Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” cast mate typed a flurry of comments cackling at the comical and all-too-relatable mother-daughter moment.

“That was me and my daughter I can’t keep up,” wrote one person. Dixon responded, “She was trying to rush my process.”

“Bruh when she said MA 😂😂😂 I felt that 😂😂”

“OMGggg…This was me to when my daughter was tryna teach us something😂”

“Ugh these kids get on my nerves! they think they trying to teach us something😂,” commented another.

“Did the same thing started twerking like dis tew much,” wrote another person who, like Dixon, resorts to what works when all else fails.

Dixon, who also has a set of twin daughters, Embrii and Eryss, is teaming up with her eldest for a weekly segment on YouTube called “Teenage Talk Tuesday,” which Dixon promoted in her caption to the Instagram renegade dance video.

“We will be discussing several different topics pertaining to the youth and having lots of fun,” Dixon wrote.

“Yasssss!! I’m Here for the #teenagetalktuesdays🤗”

“😂Mother and daughter bonding love those moments💯❤️”

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