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‘Always Dip and Dab’: Jeezy Explains How He’s Been Able to Avoid Violence in His Old Georgia Neighborhood

Jeezy spoke with Charlamagne Tha God in Jeezy’s former town of Hawkinsville, Georgia. It was for an interview that was published to YouTube on March 20, and they discussed a bevy of topics.

Around the 4:27 mark, Charlamagne brought up Nipsey Hussle being killed in his South Los Angeles neighborhood in March 2019. That sparked a conversation about rappers going back to their old surroundings and whether it’s a good idea or not.

“When you see situations like what happened with Nipsey Hussle, does it make you feel like, man, I need to be in my ’hood more or less?” asked Charlamagne.

“I just think you got to have a perfect balance,” answered Jeezy. “You subject to anything that can happen.”

“Even what happened with Nip. I know how Nip loved his neighborhood, he loved his people. He tried to uplift everybody, and that’s one of the reasons why we respected him,” he added.

Jeezy said even before Hussle’s murder, he was very mindful of not staying in one place for very long, and it helped him avoid potential violence.

“I always dip and dab enough to know what’s going on,” he explained. “Like, it’s hard to hit a moving target. That’s how I live my life. So for me, even when I was out in these projects, I’d be over here for a while … Then I’d go back to my auntie house. Then I start moving in different cities, different towns and different states.”

“That’s how I move, and that’s how I was able to avoid being incarcerated too,” Jeezy explained. “I wasn’t just in one place and was content with that.”

Jeezy also talked about why it could be dangerous for rappers when they visit their old neighborhood and said it has to do with people feeling like they’re owed something.

“There’s always that one that feel like you ain’t done enough, you can do more for him, why you ain’t still here?” he explained.

Not very long after the interview was published, people said they like seeing Jeezy at his current age of 42 and notice a lot of growth in him.

“Jeezy looks healthy, clear minded and very mature at this stage in his life,” one person wrote.

“’It’s hard to hit a moving target,'” wrote another. “Simple but I think a lot of people in the hood should use that.”

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