‘She Literally Stole Your Face’: Porsha Williams Twins With Her Daughter And Fans Are In Awe


Porsha Williams appears to have given birth to herself. The 38-year-old model posted side-by-side baby photos of herself and her just-turned-1-year-old daughter, and Williams’ social media followers were stunned to see how much the duo looked alike.

Williams’ old baby photo appears to have made fans laugh. TheReal Housewives of Atlanta” cast member wore a red-and-white polka dot dress and sported a half-up, half-down hairstyle. She seemingly was not in the mood to take her photo, because she was not smiling at the camera. In comparison, her daughter, Pilar JhenaMcKinley, wore the same hairdo as her mother. Pilar McKinley was serving “baby resting face” vibes in her photograph, and Williams told fans that she and her daughter were identical. Williams just marked the first birthday of Pilar, whom she gave birth to on March 22, 2019.

“This is scary ! Literally gave birth to myself …. ok ok and a lil Dennis sprinkled in 😂🤷🏾‍♀️🙌🏾❤️,” the model said to describe the photos. Many social media users agreed with the Pampered by Porsha Sheets founder regarding her daughter’s appearance.

“Ok…ok….yeah, y’all def twinning here.😍😍😍 Dang,” one fan said.

A second fan said, “Wow!! Lil Porsha… I thought she looked like her dad til I saw this baby pic! ❤️❤️😍.”

“This whole time I thought she was Dennis twin! Now I’m sure you made this baby alone 🤣,” a third fan gushed.

A fourth user said, “That’s the same baby lol.”

A fifth user commented, “Wow…in this pic, there’s only a “sprinkle” of Dennis. I’ve always thought that PJ favors your mom, too.”

“Wow!!!! She literally stole your entire face😂,” a sixth jokingly said.

Porsha Williams posted up with her man Dennis McKinley. @porsha4real/Instagram

On the Dec. 15 episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Williams opened up about her then-estranged relationship with her fiancé and child’s father, Dennis McKinley.

Porsha Williams with her daughter Pilar Jhena’. @porsha4real/Instagram

McKinley revealed in a joint therapy session that he cheated on Williams during and after pregnancy. He explained that her postpartum depression put a strain on their relationship. The couple appear to be working their marriage out. In addition to the pair attending couples counseling, the pair are still engaged. Williams shared that the couple have yet to set a wedding date.

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