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‘Appliance Overload’: Evelyn Lozada Serves Looks In Her Kitchen, Fans Get Distracted By Her Multiple Coffee Makers

Evelyn Lozada came through dripping in a sparkly black dress. Lozada showed off her seemingly toned legs by giving fans a glimpse of her black sandal-strapped stilettos. The Bronx-born native sat on her kitchen counter to show fans her outfit. Fans though seemingly were distracted by her three to four coffee makers displayed in the background.

Lozada pulled her mocha-colored hair into a tight low bun and wore a pair of white hoop earrings to enhance her mini dress. Lozada, a cast member of “Basketball Wives,”captioned her Instagram photo by saying, “Serving lewks in my @fashionnova from the kitchen 😜.”

Evelyn Lozada giving fans a glimpse of her all-black ensemble while she is sitting on her kitchen counter @evelynlozada/Instagram

Social media users thought the reality star looked gorgeous in her all-black ensemble. However, her millions of followers teased the model for flooding her counter with multiple kitchen appliances.

“Okay so how many coffee makers do you have ??? It’s like coffee heaven 😍,” one user gushed.

“Appliance overload lol,” a second fan commented.

A third user wrote, “House full of coffee drinkers.🤣 I approve.”

“Gorgeous as always, but why so many coffee machines???🤣,” a fourth fan asked.

A fifth user jokingly said, “I think you need one more appliance on the counter lol….nothing but love😊❤️.”

“All of those small appliances on that counter has sent my anxiety through the roof🤦🏾‍♀️🤣,” a sixth confessed.

Lozada appears to love her espresso and implied she drinks the caffeinated beverage quite often. The television personality made fun of herself for drinking coffee on the beach during an all-girls vacation trip a few years ago.

Evelyn Lozada pokes fun at herself for drinking coffee on the beach. @EvelynLozada/Twitter

Despite her love for coffee, Lozada tends to eat extremely healthy. She revealed that she limits her intake of processed foods and that her diet mostly consists of protein, fruit, vegetables, and grains. The New York beauty also shared that she drinks up to 64 ounces of water a day.

Evelyn Lozada showing off her seemingly fit body @evelynlozada/Instagram

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