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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Young Bae Reveals the Real Reason Behind Miss Kitty Beef, Sky Days’ Backlash and Success as a Female Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist Young Bae is officially opening up about the new season of “Black Ink Crew” and the reality star is not holding anything back.

The “Diamond Tattoo” founder talked to Atlanta Black Star in an exclusive interview and addressed the real reasons behind her fight with her former best friend Miss Kitty, how she felt as a parent regarding Sky Days’ comments toward her son Dessalines, and her experience as a woman in the tattoo industry.

“Black Ink Crew” star Young Bae. (Photo courtesy of Young Bae.)

Bae and her former BFF, Miss Kitty, have been at odds for quite some time. The two got into a physical altercation on the Feb. 26 mid-season premiere after Bae punched Kitty in the face with a purse while yelling, “You a f–king punk ass b—h.”

In regards to their blowout, Bae claims their fight is not over what many viewers think and that it had to do with her child. “I don’t have to be a friend with somebody who talked about my child,” she said.

Miss Kitty
(L) Miss Kitty and (R) Young Bae. VH1 screengrabs

There is a common misconception that the duo fell out because Bae took her other castmates’ sides when Miss Kitty was accused of sleeping with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” reality star Ryan Henry. However, Bae said, “Why would I have a problem with her because she’s sleeping with somebody? Who cares about who f—-d who? Like we’re adults. We only know because she talked.”

She explained that she still has love for her and would be open to mending their friendship if she wanted. However, she continued to say, “sometimes you just have to let go.”

Bae gave birth to her son, Niko, in 2018 with her ex-fiancé Rob. While her son appears to be the love of her life, her co-star Sky Days’ relationship with her sons is anything but sweet. The model recently got into a explosive battle with her son Dessalines and received instant backlash from viewers for telling him that she and his father never wanted him.

Young Bae’s son @youngisblessed/Instagram

Bae admitted that she did not watch their fight play out on television, but she heard about the altercation through social media. While Days’ received a lot of hate online, Bae has a different outlook on the situation. “People go through things in life and sometimes you make mistakes. And sometimes you say sorry, and become a better person. And I guess that’s it.”

Photo courtesy of Young Bae.

The tattoo artist explained that she and Days come from completely different circumstances, and she thinks it’s best for Days to speak for herself. “Aint nobody perfect in this world,” she continued.

In spite of the upcoming drama playing out this season, the tattoo artist is continuing to make strides in a male-dominated industry. Her best advice for women who are trying to break into the tattoo world is for them to believe in themselves and know that they can achieve anything.

The VH1 Cast of Black Ink Crew (Left) Sky Days, Ceaser Emmanuel, Young Bae, Teddy Ruks, Puma and Q. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV)

She revealed there was a time in her life when men would ask her for sexual favors in exchange for teaching her how to tattoo. However, she said times are changing and women should never have to do that to get ahead.

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