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‘Kit Better Beat Bae’s Ass!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Urge Miss Kitty to Put the Paws on Young Bae After She Swings at Her

It looks like Missy Kitty and her former bestie Young Bae are at odds.

Since Kitty’s move from “Black Ink Crew” New York to “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” her former co-stars Bae, Donna Lombardi and Tati harbored negative feelings toward her. They seemingly suggested that Kitty betrayed her “Black Ink” co-stars to work in Chicago.

Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty (left) and Young Bae (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Last season, Kitty fell out with her ex-bestfriend Tati after Tati spread a rumor about Kitty sleeping with “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Ryan Henry. Lombardi and Bae seemingly sided with Tati and expressed that Kit was wrong for getting involved with Henry — her ex-boyfriend Ceaser Emanuel‘s ally.

In the midseason premiere that aired on Feb. 26, Kitty and Bae got into a physical altercation. When the Korean tattoo artist saw Kitty apparently setting up shop with the Chicago cast, she hit her former friend in the face with her purse and yelled, “You a f–king punk ass b–ch.”

Several “Black Ink” viewers felt Bae was out of line and urged Kitty to “put the paws” on her.

“Kit better beat bae’s ass! @youngisblessed why the f–k didn’t you punch your father out”

“Did bae bop kitty with a purse? Oh hell naw Kit f–k her ass up! They really trying her this season”

“Y’all hoes @donnadadondada @tatted_tatti @youngisblessed better leave Kit alone when y’all were the ones who did her dirty in the first place …. it starting to show that y’all didn’t even like her”

“They keep forgetting KITTY from DC come get us sis 😂we will f–k them bitches up 😭. I liked bae until she did that s–t to kit so f–k you Bae with your fake ass”

Although Kitty and Henry denied sleeping with each other at the time, the pair got quite cozy on the latest season of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago.” Emanuel still has resentment toward Henry and Kit for apparently backstabbing him and isn’t letting it go.

“The audacity of this m——-ker,” Emanuel said in the midseason trailer. “I was his friend, I was his mentor, and you got the nerve to mess with one of my exes and throw it in my face. Man, f–k that! It wouldn’t be no 9MAG without Ceaser, yo!”

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