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‘WTF Ya’ll Doing’: T.I. Shows His Age After Ruining His Family’s TikTok Video and Fans Die from Laughter

Tiny Harris, Zonnique Pullins, and their two cousins participated in the “Hit Yo Groove” TikTok Dance Challenge on social media, and fans went bananas after rapper T.I. crashed their dance party, and was seemingly puzzled at seeing his family dancing in the living room.

Zonnique posted up next to her mother Tiny Harris @zonniquejailee/Instagram

The family began their TikTok Challenge by listening to rapper Runitup Tahj’s iconic rap song “Hit Yo Groove.” Zonnique and her cousin were in the front of the video dancing while Tiny and their other cousin were moving their bodies to the beat in the back. The “Whatever You Like” rapper stood in the middle of his family looking back and forth at his wife and daughter trying to comprehend the dance that his family was doing.

Toward the end of the video, the actor gave up on trying to learn the TikTok moves. He walked out of the room. However, fans poked fun at the music mogul for unintentionally ruining his family’s video.

“Looking like someone damn granddaddy 😂,” a user joked.

A second fan commented,”Tip looking like wtf y’all doing 😂.”

” LMAOOO he’s such a old head,” a third user laughed.

“AGE IS STARTING TO SHOW LMAO 💗,” a fourth fan commented.

A fifth user chimed in by saying,”He could’ve at least hit the woahhh or something 😂.”

“Never thought I’d see the day where TIP look old as hell 😂😂😂,” said a sixth fan.

T.I. standing next to his wife Tiny Harris @troubleman31/Instagram

The viral Internet challenge takes place when two or more people stand generally side by side. Typically, there are two people in the front and two people in the back. People taking part in the challenge move their bodies to match the lyrics of the song, including the part when the rapper says “then we hit the woah.”

T.I. and Tiny Harris on their date night. @majorgirl/Instagram

In addition, the “Hit The Woah” Challenge is a dance phenomenon in which a dancer balls their hands in two fists and makes a quick small circular motion to the beat of the music. When the song ends, the dancer leans into a freeze position.

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