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Oop: Alexis Skyy Reveals Karlie Redd’s Husband Spent Over $100,000 in an Effort to Date Her After Fans Trash Her Over ‘LHHATL’ Episode

It looks like Alexis Skyy is in hot water with “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” viewers this week.

The newcomer to the Atlanta series found her way to the center of drama when she got into an explosive verbal altercation with veteran co-cast member Karlie Redd. The two ladies apparently had old beef before the “LHHATL” premiere on Monday night. Skyy claimed that Redd’s husband, Maurice “Mo” Fayne was involved with her during his and Redd’s engagement, which the couple denies. Amid their drama, Redd apparently called up Skyy’s mother and threatened to physically assault her.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy (L) and (R) Karlie Redd @VH1 screengrabs

On the premiere, Skyy crashed Rasheeda and Kirk Frost‘s 20th anniversary party to confront Redd about the threats she made toward her mother. She ran over to Redd and her friends, took her shoes off in an aggressive manner and yelled, “Karlie I thought you was gonna spit in my momma’s face.”

Redd said in her confessional that she was surprised to see Skyy. “I’m minding my business, having a good time with my girls and all of a sudden Holexis walks over talking s–t. All I know about Holexis is that she was f–king with Mo before he met me and all of her people are messy, messy, messy.”

Security restrained Skyy from nearly coming to blows with Redd although she managed to throw a glass of champagne at her. Redd, on the other hand, kept shouting at the model, “You not about that life. I’m about that life.”

Skyy was eventually escorted outside, while Redd was held by security inside.

“LHHATL” fans trashed Skyy for apparently starting “senseless” drama with Redd.

“Dang first Alexis gets with trouble after her friend breaks up with him , then she claims she’s with lil baby and now Moe?! Damn she gets around 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️”

“Why is she only going from franchise to franchise always claiming that she hit it first? Oh goodness damn girl get you a life get you a job and stop the nonsense! You say you not about the drama but here you are again bringing unnecessary drama. Hoe sit down and stop fighting over a man!”

“Alexis tryin to ‘run up’ when she know she won’t get nearrrr Karlie lol like girl please I wish she’d stop trying to get into drama with people with bigger names than her just so she can stay relevant. It’s sad.”

Redd’s husband addressed the incident in an Instagram post after Monday night’s premiere and claimed he was never involved with Skyy.

“I wasn’t even going to address this bs, but this thirsty a*ss mf really got me f*cked up!” Mo wrote. “At no point I was your ngga you was just a mf a dude knew from the hoe circuit! Truly need to stop swearing shit on your kid…damn sure need to keep my name out your mouth!!! And when I met my wife, I wasn’t even dealing with you, no communication or anything. Sad what people do and say for that lil a* check and few mins of fame!!!”

Skyy responded to Mo’s remarks via Twitter and accused him of trying to shoot his shot at her with monetary gifts.

“Arkansas BOTTOM Butt Mo… I wouldn’t even address you because all your were was a fraud to Me!!! You know I NEVER LIKE U… & I NEVER in my life said we were in a relationship. You & ur Wife said it!!!!!” she tweeted on March 17. “But I guess pumpkin pie Pie face made u write that post as validation Face with rolling eyes but since we’re at it, u mean to tell me, You wasn’t begging to b with me, begging me to bring u onto Love&HipHop, u didn’t lease a 800k house around the corner from my moms house in Lawrenceville to be w me?”

Alexis Skyy
@alexisskyy Twitter

Skyy also claimed that Mo spent $100,000 on her in two months in an effort to get into a relationship with him. When that didn’t work, she claimed that he texted her best friend and step-dad with a photo of a wedding ring. After she allegedly rejected his proposal, the model claimed Mo proposed to Redd with the same ring months later.

Redd has yet to respond to Mo and Skyy’s remarks.

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