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‘Miss You Already’: Wendy Williams Cancels Her Show Amid Coronavirus Outbreak and Fans Mourn

Talk show host Wendy Williams officially shuts down the production of the “Wendy Williams Show” due to the Coronavirus outbreak. At the beginning of the week, the talk show host took extreme safety precautions by announcing that she was no longer filming her show with a live studio audience. However, on March 13, Williams revealed that she would be suspending the production of her talk show until further notice.

Wendy Williams on set of “The Wendy Williams Show” @wendyshow/Instagram

Williams posted this lengthy message to her Instagram page: “Considering the current escalation of the Coronavirus, production of “The Wendy Williams Show” will be put on hold, indefinitely. In place of live shows we will air repeats and we will continue to monitor the situation with the CDC and city official to determine the best time to return and produce live shows again. I love you for watching!”

Wendy Williams tells fans she is shutting down production of her show because of the coronavirus. @wendywilliams/Instagram

Fans were devastated to hear that the network would air repeat episodes until filming starts back up again. They expressed their sorrow for the show’s temporary cancellation on social media.

“Miss you already 😘,” a user wrote.

“I will miss you so much Wendy. You are a national treasure,” a second fan commented.

A third user said, “Nooooooooooo @wendyshow I need my daily dose of Wendy 😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫.”

“Nooooo what will I watch?!?!,” a fourth fan asked.

A fifth user commented, “Gotta keep auntie Wendy and everybody safe, but DAMN DAMN DAMNNNNNN 😩.”

“Ugh. I need my @wendyshow 💜,” a sixth user expressed.

Wendy Williams in full glam @wendyshow/Instagram

Williams spent quite a bit of time in the hospital last year. She fractured her shoulder and while she was trying to recover from her injury, she experienced complications from Graves’ disease, an immune system disorder that affects the thyroid gland. Williams took an extended break from her syndicated talk show to focus on her health. However, she was seemingly looking forward to hosting the full season of her show this year.

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