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‘Cut the Check’: Alexis Skyy Hits Back After Fans Caught Her in the Same Outfit as Jayda…Again

While “Love & Hip Hop” reality star Alexis Skyy, may not be on the best of terms with Jayda Cheaves, the two sure do share the same taste in fashion.

Cheaves and Skyy were spotted wearing the same bold sheer dress from a fashion company called Born Honey, both with black undergarments. Interestingly, both also rocked jet-black silk ponytails.

“Got em shook,” Skyy captioned her photo.

“I made a promise I’m never gon change 🖤,” Cheaves captioned her photos.

Jayda Cheaves (left) and Alexis Skyy (right) rocking the same Born Honey sheer dress.
(Photos: @theJaydaCheaves/Instagram, @AlexisSkyy_/Instagram)

After fans took notice of both Cheaves and Skyy rocking the dress, many sided with Cheaves.

“At this point, Alexis Hunny, YOU ARE the fan.”

“This girl Alexis is so obsessed with everyone and everything… damn itttt !!! 😫.”

“Imagine copying somebody look & they still look better than you.”

“Alexis, please be your own person sis 😫 always tryna copy somebody.”

“Alexis always copying someone’s style🙄.”

“Jayda did it first and look better in it 💅🏽.”

Skyy caught on to the countless comparisons and comments about her copying Cheaves’ style.

She took to her Instagram Story and wrote, “This the first and last time if I’m getting payed to wear sum s–. IDGAF who wore it when & where, cut the check, carry on.”

Alexis Skyy addresses comparisons to rival Jayda Cheaves in her Instagram Story.
@AlexisSkyy_/Instagram Story

Skyy also uploaded a video of herself flaunting her curves in the dress.

“How about I shake the room 😉,” she captioned the video.

Cheaves and Skyy’s rivalry dates back to a Twitter war in February, when Cheaves tweeted “Anna Opp,” and Skyy took it as a veiled gibe.

Skyy tagged Cheaves on Twitter, mentioning that she needs to sit down and that she, Skyy, could snatch Lil Baby — who is alluded to be her ex and is now the father of Cheaves’ 1-year-old son — from her if she wanted.

Cheaves then said no one, including her child’s father, wants anything to do with Skyy.

Skyy clapped back, writing, “Listen up, anybody I had in the past; I still have stoopid!!! At any given time. I assume he must didn’t tell you about these last couple of days?!! Want receipts?”

The two continued to go back and forth with jabs about each other’s child. Skyy has a 2-year-old daughter whose father purportedly is rapper Fetty Wap.

Lil Baby tried to quash the whole beef, writing, “All I ask is don’t lie on me,” and “That’s goofy to speak on me.”

Skyy didn’t respond to Lil Baby, but a couple of days later she uploaded a video of herself listening to Lil Baby and Gunna’s “Heatin Up” off his new project “My Turn.”

“One of my favorite songs on the album,” Skyy wrote for the caption.

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