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Alexis Skyy Takes Shots at Ariana Fletcher and Jayda Cheaves on Twitter over an alleged Catty Tweet

It’s the battle between the MCs’ babies’ mothers, with Fetty Wap’s purported daughter’s mother Alexis Skyy on the left and G Herbo’s Ariana Fletcher and Lil Baby’s Jayda Cheaves on the right. So how did all this drama begin?

Skyy assumed Cheaves tweeted and then deleted something about her, and Skyy clapped back on Saturday, writing that she could take Lil Baby back.

Cheaves then replied that she wrote “Anna Opp” and that her son’s father does not want her, and no one wants her. Check out the contentious exchange between the two ladies.

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Alexis Skyy takes shots at Jayda Cheaves and Ariana Fletcher on Twitter.

Skky then took shots at Fletcher, with Skyy boasting to Fletcher that her fee to host a club is $7,000.

Skyy continued by saying that any man that she once had she can have again. She is also willing to pull receipts to prove that she’s indeed wanted, contrary to what Cheaves believes.

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Alexis says she’s ready to drop the receipts! 😫

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Alexis Skyy responds to Jayda Cheaves’ Twitter post that no man wants her.

Cheaves clapped back, claiming that Skyy has fumbled her bag. The hair entrepreneur then brought Skyy’s daughter into the equation, telling Skyy that she’s more concerned with “d–” than her daughter, Alaiya Grace, who has a condition called hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid in the brain cavities.

Skyy responded by writing, “I didn’t fumble sh–.” While Cheaves thinks Skyy is second in Lil Baby’s mind, Skyy said she was there before Cheaves and will return to him if she likes. She also told the 22-year-old that she should worry about her own son.

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Not the children! Jayda & Alexis still going at it!

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Alexis Skyy and Jayda Cheaves continue to argue back and forward on Twitter.
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Lil Baby got wind that his child’s mother and Skyy were going back and forth on Twitter and decided to give his two cents. “All I ask is don’t lie on me.”

Lil Baby responds to all the drama between Alexis Skyy and his child’s mother, Jayda Cheaves. @theneighborhoodtalk2/Instagram

Fletcher came back, threatening Skyy that she will get her neck cut.

“So what you waiting for Jinxsaw?” Skyy responded to Fletcher.

Lil Baby also added that he and Skyy don’t mess around. “That’s goofy to speak on me,” he wrote on Twitter.

Cheaves’ tweets are now deleted, and now Skyy has directed her energy to another of Fetty Wap’s children’s mothers, Masika Kalysha. Kalysha and Fetty Wap share a 3-year-old daughter named Khari Barbie Maxwell.

Skyy and Kalysha appeared on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” together and didn’t get along due to one common denominator, Fetty Wap.

Kalysha threw a jab at Skyy, claiming she paved the way by making hosting a thing. You can catch the two go back and forward on their Twitter accounts @alexisskyyyyyy and @MasikaKalysha. The two have been rivals for a long time, and there’s no telling if this beef is going to end soon.

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