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‘You Tried to Attack Me’: Black Ink Crew Star Ceaser Emanuel Explains Why He Fired Miss Kitty

Following a backlash over his move, “Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser Emanuel is finally speaking out about firing his ex-lover and former employee Miss Kitty.

Last season, Emanuel and Kitty fell out after a nasty rumor about her sleeping with Ryan Henry from “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” circulated around the tattoo shop. Although Kitty and Henry both denied the rumors, Emanuel believed otherwise. Following the hearsay, the “Black Ink” owner terminated the brand ambassador and viewers slammed him for his actions.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel and Miss Kitty @vh1/screengrab

In a recent interview with VH1, Emanuel claimed he didn’t fire Kitty over the rumor; he said he gave her the pink slip because she tried to attack him the night before.

“With the Kit situation, it was more of we can’t work together. Like you almost tried to attack me the night before and we have to sit here as adults and say we both messed up and we gotta go our separate ways,” said Emanuel. “Me firing her was one of the hardest terminations I ever did but it made me mature because I learned sometimes you have to rectify the situation that you put yourself in especially as a boss. Sometimes people just have to go it’s just logic.”

Kitty threatened to sue Emanuel for an unlawful termination, but Emanuel claimed he has yet to hear from her attorney.

Despite Emanuel trying to defend his actions, “Black Ink Crew” viewers still have mixed reactions.

“Smh, this guy is laughing and doesn’t even feel remorse for firing kitty for no reason. AND ON TOP OF THAT HER MUM DIED RECENTLY AND HE WANNA BE LAUGHING🤦🏽‍♀️. ‘more mature’ my ass, he was not mature about anything.”

“Basically, he didn’t want to keep looking Kitty in the face after she slept with Ryan. He should’ve just kept her at 125th street until he got over it. SMDH!! Kitty sue him, you dint fire someone because they hurt your fragile ass ego 😠”

“Ceaser isn’t fooling me. He still has feelings for Kitty. Once his biatch Ted showed him something on his phone featuring Ryan&Kitty all of the wheels fell off and he declared war. Where are the titles of girlfriend/boyfriend? There are none so Ceaser has a lot of nerve.”

“If he were to fire EVERYBODY he’s had ‘arguments’ with the show would be over 😂😂 he has argued with literally every damn employee that works there and the ones that left or got fired. And he fired her over a rumor that sky brought up. I know the show is fake but geesh 😂😂😂”

Miss Kitty has yet to respond to Emanuel’s claims or say anything else about her alleged legal actions against the shop owner.

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