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‘Yass Beyoncé’: Joseline Hernandez Wows Fans with Natural Glam Look And Fans Say She Looks Like The Queen Bey Herself

Joseline Hernandez snatched off edges in her latest beauty post. The “Marriage Bootcamp” reality star posted a photo of her sporting a natural glam make-up look, and fans were wooing over her clear skin in addition to claiming that she looked like music icon Beyoncé.

Beyoncé Knowles (L) @beyonce/Instagram and Joseline Hernandez (R) @joseline/Instagram

Hernandez recently partnered with the cosmetic brand Marcosmetic in an attempt to promote beautiful healthy skin in women. The company is a natural skincare line, and its mission is to help people achieve glowy skin. Hernandez told fans she uses the brand’s Glow Serum to keep her skin looking fresh and young.

Joseline Hernandez showing off her glowy skin with Marcosmetic products @joseline/Instagram

She said, “Ladies you have to try this Glow Serum from @marlilistore is absolutely amazing. I love it for my Face and Neck Is been 1 of my beauty Secrets! Go check them out! You will love it!”

Social media users seemingly thought Hernandez achieved the “Beyoncé glow” and went to social media to tell the model just how much she favored the music mogul.

“Why you kind of look like Beyoncé right here,” asked a fan.

Another user said, “Beyoncé??”

A third commenter said, “Yass Beyoncé.”

“She look like Beyoncé,” a fourth user said.

“A fifth fan said, “I love your natural look and braids. Both are subtle and soft. Beauty❤️.”

“OK but can we talk about the LOOKS you been giving us on marriage boot camp! Girl!!! 😍😍.”

Joseline Hernandez shows off her body up-close @joseline/Instagram

In addition to fans loving Hernandez’s natural look, the Puerto Rican Princess admitted to going under the knife for a few nipping and tucking procedures. The rapper told Wendy Williams in an interview that she got breast enhancements when she was 25 years old. She also revealed to the talk show host that she had cosmetic surgery done on her backside.

Joseline Hernandez showing off her backside. @joseline/Instagram

Rumors began swirling last year that the rapper flew out to the Dominican Republic to get multiple facelift surgeries. However, Hernandez has not confirmed receiving cosmetic procedures.

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