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‘Why Peter Care?’: ‘LHHNY’ Fans Slam Peter Gunz for Brawling with Cisco Over Amina Allegedly Staying the Night at His Home

It looks like things came to a head for the “creep squad” members on “Love and Hip Hop: New York’s” season finale after Peter Gunz got into an explosive fight with his old friend Cisco Rosado.

The drama between Gunz and Rosado was instigated by their mutual friend Rich Dollaz. A veteran on the show, Dollaz wanted revenge against Rosado for apparently ruining his friendship with singer Olivia Longott, so he decided to stir the pot.

Peter Gunz
Cisco Rosado (L) and Peter Gunz VH1 screengrabs

In the March 9 episode, Dollaz and Gunz met up with Rosado apparently to squash his and Dollaz’s beef with each other. Things, however, took a turn left when the music producer revealed that Gunz’s ex-wife, Amina Buddafly, stayed the night over Rosado’s Atlanta home without the rapper’s knowledge.

Rosado claimed he ran into Buddafly at a Super Bowl party in Atlanta and she told him she was stranded there because her friend left her. The Puerto Rican record producer said he offered the singer a place to stay for the night since she had nowhere else to go.

Gunz felt Rosado could’ve given him a courtesy call to let him know about his ex-wife staying the night and not hide the information from him. Moments later Gunz pressed Rosado about calling his “baby moms” and telling her to stay with him “for the weekend.”

Rosado urged Gunz not to “cross that line” seconds before charging at him and knocking him to the ground. Security eventually intervened and broke up the fight. Dollaz tried to calm his supposed friends down, but the damage already had been done.

LHHNY” viewers felt Dollaz and Rosado were in the wrong, while others blamed Gunz’s “fake” feelings for Buddafly.

“I don’t understand why Peter is mad at Cisco because his ex slept over his house that’s something you need to take over your ex it wasn’t like he kidnapped her and made her. Plus they been broke up why Peter care? 🤨”

“But Amina isn’t that type of woman too cheat also Peter never treated her right anyway lmao it just goes too show that none of them trust each other & Rich adding his drama. Rich you knew what you were doing sis”

“@cisco_rosado I love u but that’s the mother of his kids🤣🤣. Listen @petergunz174 not saying he will (cause he not that mean) he’s trying to get you to see where he feel. How u feeling is how he felt papa SEE THE BIGGER VIEW❤️💋”

“Cisco is always moving grimey tho and then plays victim. Idk why they still deal with him. Why was Peter grabbing his leg thooo ??😭 I cannahhh “

“Cisco ain’t smashed no Amina! She never even cheated on Peter 🤔. These men have children, probably grandchildren on the way with Peter’s leather hide looking self and they still acting a fool. Make it make sense chile”

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