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‘Not The Right Mask’: Fans Dog Alexis Skyy For Wearing Wrong Safety Mask on Airplane Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Alexis Skyy‘s attempt at staying safe from the coronavirus appears to have backfired with fans. The star flew on Delta Air Lines and posted a photo of her sporting a black cap with a pink safety mask on her face. However, the star appeared to not have thought her safety choices all the way through because social media users called the model out for wearing the wrong mask on her flight.

The “Love and Hip Hop” reality star appeared to be the only person onboard with a mask. She captioned her photo with, “Everyone is over me on this plane especially PETER 😂😂.”

Alexis Skyy attempting to stay safe from the coronavirus @alexisskyy_/Instagram

Social media users took to the ‘Gram to call the model out for her safety precaution choices and seemingly accused the star of seeking out attention.

“Girl wtff are u doing,” asked a fan.

“NOWHERE NEAR THE CORRECT MASK . 😩,” a second user commented.

A third fan said, “That’s not a n95 mask 😷 so it won’t prevent you from catching the virus. 🤦🏽‍♀️”

“You couldn’t buy a level 3 mask you just wanna look cute on the plane don’t u.😩😩 If you ain’t sick stop wearing masks sis😷,” a fourth commented.

A fifth user said, “These masks don’t protect you from the virus…….”

“Not the right mask,” a sixth user said.

Alexis Skyy chilling at the airport in her “Do I Look Like I Fly Economy?” hoodie @alexisskyy_/Instagram

The star appears to be traveling quite often these days since she is living between New York and Atlanta. The model made headlines two weeks ago after posting a photo of her in the airport wearing a grey sweatsuit with the hoodie that said, “Do I Look Like I Fly Economy?” Fans were insulted by the choice of words she rocked on her hoodie and dragged the star on the ‘Gram. Social media users felt as if the model was poking fun at people who did not have the financial means to fly first class.

Alexis Skyy posing next to her luggage at the airport @alexisskyy_/Instagram

The reality star is the newest cast member of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” which will return to VH1 March 16.

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