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‘Loni Could Never’: Tamar Braxton’s New Show ‘Get Ya Life’ Has Fans Talking

Uh-oh Tamar Braxton is back, looking better than ever and likely ready to spill more tea than ever!

The youngest Braxton has been noticeably absent from Instagram since deleting all of her pictures weeks ago. But if upcoming trailers for her new show, “Get Ya Life” packs the punches fans know her to bring, then she will be back to posting pics and videos sooner than later.

Tamar Braxton
Tamar Braxton teases her new We tv reality show “Get Ya Life.” (Photo: Courtesy WeTV)

In the short trailer released ahead of the weekend, Braxton, 44, is seen with her glam team making last-minute touch-ups before a producer is heard asking, “So Tay what made you want to do this show?” The new series is set to premiere on WE tv in April; an exact date has not been announced publicly.

Without saying a word, the show’s host already has the internet talking.

“She has the personality for her own reality show so I’m not surprised.”

“Lmaoo not #getyalife. She’s entertaining af tho”

“Loni could never” was the comment from someone else, who clearly was pulling from some petty reserves by bringing up Braxton and The Real” co-host’s drama.

Since Braxton’s abrupt departure from the show in 2016, there has been speculation that Loni Love played a role in bad-mouthing her to executives and pushing for her to be removed from the show.

Needless to say, despite tears being shed and numerous social posts shared, this is one breakup fans are likely never going to put to rest.

“Not without Trina Traci Towanda and Toni,” wrote one person who is obviously a fan of the Braxton sister’s show the “Braxton Family Values.”

The single mother got her start on reality TV with her sisters Toni Braxton, Towanda Braxton and Traci Braxton, and Trina Braxton with “Braxton Family Values,” but it looks like Tamar is going at her new show solo.

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