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‘The Real’ Co-Hosts Break Down Why They Never Replaced Tamar Braxton After Two Years

Tamar Braxton was fired from daytime talk show “The Real” in 2016, and the show has yet to replace her in the two years since then. Now, Loni LoveTamera Mowry-HousleyAdrienne Houghton and Jeannie Mai are explaining their thoughts on a potential addition to the group.

“The same way we can’t get rid of people on the show, we also can’t stop them from adding one,” Houghton told Essence magazine during the hosts’ New York City press tour in October.

Tamar Braxton

(The Real Daytime)

Houghton added that if it were up to her and her co-panelists, Braxton’s spot would remain vacant.

As for why the women haven’t addressed the story behind Braxton’s departure, Love summed it up this way.

“That’s embarrassing when you get let go of a show. That’s embarrassing, so sometimes it’s better to just not say nothing and let the process play out,” she said. “Timing is everything.”

“And we couldn’t say anything either because we have a job to uphold, and we also didn’t know what was going on because it’s just our job,” Mai added.

While the ordeal was admittedly hard on the women, Houghton said their bond is even stronger than before.

“Because of going through that, we more than ever value this … and what we went through has made our bond so much stronger,” she told the magazine. “And we’re grateful for that so we value this. Its precious to us, and we don’t allow anything to infiltrate this.”

The women’s statement further confirms what Love told “The Breakfast Club” weeks earlier when she made it clear the hosts had nothing to do with Braxton’s firing.

“When the incident happened when she got fired, I didn’t know about it because I went on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ that Friday,” Love said.

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