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‘The Cutest Freaking Thing’: Remy Ma Fans Are Losing It Over Daughter’s Nickname for Dad Papoose

Remy Ma said her 1-year-old daughter Reminisce Mackenzie Mackie had a splendid time at a children’s museum recently. So much so that she shared a clip of her little one enjoying a shallow pool of water there.

The clip, posted to Instagram on Feb. 27, has been viewed over 237,000 times, and people told Remy just how cute her baby is.

Remy Ma (right) revealed the nickname that her daughter calls her husband Papoose (left). (Photo: Johnny Nunes/WireImage via Getty Images)

But a lot of folks also left comments about what Remy wrote in the caption, concerning what Reminisce calls her father Papoose.

“My daughter really calls her father ‘Bae’ and really looks at people so crazy🤦🏽‍♀️,” she wrote. “I swear she’s a sweetheart though 🥰. Had a ball at the Children’s Museum. @ReminisceMacKenzieMackie #MiniMe #RemyMa.”

There’s a part in the video where Reminisce can be heard calling her father “bae” after she spills a bit of water on the floor, which backs up what Remy wrote in the caption.

“That is so freaking cute… and she be so serious with it,” wrote somebody on Instagram. “Dada??! Yooooo that’s ‘Bae’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she is so adorable @remyma.”

There were others who said they can relate to their child calling their father other names besides daddy or dad.

“It’s ok my baby use to call her dad papi now she call him Brandon 🤷🤦,” one person wrote.

“😂my son use to call me that too from hearing my husband saying it lol,” another person stated.

The clip also shows Reminisce dressed in tan Uggs, jeans and a red shirt, and many called her incredibly adorable.

“She is so beautiful Remy God bless her ❤️,” someone stated.

“She is just the CUTEST BABY!!!! God bless fam! 😍,” read another message.

Remy and Papoose got married on May 12, 2008 while Remy was serving a six-year prison sentence for shooting one of her former friends over a money dispute. The couple welcomed Reminisce on Dec. 14, 2018.

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