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‘Thought This Was Rem’: Fans Confuse Kash Doll for Remy Ma in Instagram Photo

A lot of people are thinking Kash Doll looks exactly like Remy Ma after Kash shared an Instagram photo of herself on Monday, Feb. 24.

In that one post, Kash uploaded three separate pictures, and they all show her in an elevator.

A lot of people thought Kash Doll (L) looked like Remy Ma (R) after Kash shared an Instagram photo of herself. (Photo: Jason Koerner/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images/Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

One is a side shot that shows Kash’s foot being propped up against a wall. The second shows her facing the camera, and the third is another side- profile picture.

In regards to how Kash is dressed, she’s wearing a pair of black pants, a fur vest, knee-high Fendi boots, a Fendi bag and a Fendi headband.

“My first time taking pics in the elevator in my home… fendi facts πŸ˜‰,” Kash wrote next to the post.

“Why I thought this was RemyMa,” someone wrote in the comments section.

“‘Thought this was Rem,” another person stated.

“I thought this was Remus Mackey, ” wrote another Instagram user, who botched up Remy’s full name since it’s really Reminisce Mackie.

@kashdoll Instagram

There were also people who only commented on Kash’s outfit, and many said she looked fabulous in the photos.

“Looking like a bag of money πŸ’°,” one fan wrote.

“So cute 😍,” wrote another.

Plus, there were some who didn’t agree that Kash looked like Remy in the pic, and they named other celebrities they believe she favors.

Mary J Blige vibes,” someone wrote.

“She look like Naomi Campbell in this pic #Dope,” wrote another.

This is the second time this month that people talked about Kash looking like another famous person. On Feb. 11, a video surfaced that showed her with the actress Tasha Smith after many called them twins.

@kashdoll Instagram

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