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‘No Lies Were Told’: Stevie J. Comes for ‘LHHMIA’ Cast’s ‘Tired’ Lace Fronts, Trick Daddy Claps Back

Stevie J. slammed the female cast of “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” this week for apparently committing not just a hair faux pas, but a makeup one as well.

The former Bad Boys Entertainment producer, who’s a part of the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta”crew, took to Twitter on Tuesday, March 3 and wrote, “Good morning! Ladies retire those lace fronts from love n hip hop Miami!”

Stevie J.
Stevie J./twitter

He excluded his apparent good friend Premadonna from the bunch, but continued to scold the rest of the ladies in the cast. He added, “Fire hair & make up immediately, have our beautiful Sisters looking nuts out here!”

None of the “LHHMIA” women responded to Stevie’s message, but their co- star Trick Daddy had a few words to get off his chest about the music producer’s comments.

“The next time a n—a get on a post on social media or comment about somebody from Miami, I’mma check ‘em,” the Miami rapper said in an Instagram video. “Then you n—–s get on social media and comment about girls from Miami on “Love & Hip-Hop: Miami,” now it’s getting personal.” Without saying Stevie’s name, Trick called him a “girl dog” and threatened to “slap” anyone who criticized the women on the show ever again.

Stevie later clarified his Twitter remarks with a video of his own following Trick’s threats. He claimed he just wanted his “sisters looking great.”

“I said what I said earlier in hopes to get the attention of executives who is handling hair and makeup for our beautiful Latina and Black women,” the father of six stated. “And men for that matter.” He added across the video, “Thank me later” with one heart emoji.

Stevie J.
Stevie J. (L) and Trick Daddy (R) @hitmanstevie_j and @trickdaddydollar/Instagram

Trick Daddy has yet to reply to Stevie J. Social media users have mixed reactions to the whole ordeal.

“I mean no lies were told 😂. It’s the truth. The makeup is way to much and those lace fronts look horrible. Uncle Stebie is right”

“Trick don’t play, he mad because Joseline has moved on, you chose faith now live with it Stevie J.”

“@trickdaddydollars y u feel the need to respond so u girldog #2. Hell he told the truth ALL them up n coming artists make/up, hair and outfits is a mess💯”

“Stebbieeeee is stupid 😭😂 He’s right though! Those LHHM be looking like drag queens. Trick is my guy, but he gotta pipe down”

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