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‘Twins?’: Lil Scrappy Confirms His Wife Bambi Is Pregnant with ‘Babies’ and She Quickly Intervenes

Congratulations are in order for rapper Lil Scrappy and his wife Bambi.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star announced over the weekend that Bambi was pregnant for a second time. He took to Instagram on Saturday and posted a photo of his wife dressed in a yellow suit with her bare baby bump showing.

Lil Scrappy
Bambi @reallilscrappy/Instagram

“Wifey be carrying my babies around drenched out,” he wrote. “Come on with the Baby drip den mama, too much drip for one bottle  @adizthebam  #mom #wife #hustla #CDAYVIBES #BABY3 #CINCO.”

Fans were shocked to learn the happily married pair were having “babies.”

“Babies? I want y’all to have a girl and boy if she having twins. Congrats @adizthebam I knew it ❤️❤️❤️. I’ve always been able to spot a pregnant woman. “

“wait a min congrats!!! But did you say twins ❤️💜 awww double the blessings”

“Twins?! Oooohh shhhittttt i juz realized yall sayin yo havin angels congrats to you both 🙏🏾”

“No I believe she’s having triplets he has two already now she’s having 3 more hence #cinco”

Lil Scrappy
Bambi responds to fans claiming she’s pregnant with twins. @thereallilscrappy/Instagram.

Bambi later jumped in her husband’s comment section and confirmed she was only pregnant with one child. Responding to the fan who suspected she was having triplets, the mother of one wrote, “No ma’am… one baby which will become the 5th member of our family. Dassit”

On Friday, TMZ reported that Scrappy and Bambi were pregnant with their second child.

The mother of one is reportedly is at 18 weeks, but they apparently don’t know the gender of their unborn baby yet. The couple share 1-year-old Breland Richardson together; they welcomed their son in September 2018.

Lil Scrappy also has 14-year-old daughter Emani Richardson, whom he shares with ex-fiancée Erica Dixon.

Lil Scrappy
Lil Scrappy, Baby Breland, and Bambi (@reallilscrappy/Instagram)

Fans continue to flood the couple with congralutaory messages.

“5th family member means she is including Emani!!! Congratulations 😍❤️”

“See this why @adizthebam wasn’t tryna let u touch her on that trip 😂🤣 tryna avoid this I kno the feeling bam 😂 congrats you two!”

“Beautiful @adizthebam . The glow looks good on you. Congrats you guys”

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