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‘F–k You’: Mama Jones Snaps at ‘LHHNY’ Fans After She’s Dragged for Going Off on Jim About Chrissy

Mama Jones isn’t backing down from “Love and Hip Hop: New York” critics.

The 58-year-old mother of rapper Jim Jones received backlash last week for going off on her son after he purchased her a new home. She was upset that her soon-to-be daughter-in-law Chrissy Lampkin designed the home. Jones and Lampkin have old and existing beef with each other.

Chrissy Lampkin
Nancy “Mama” Jones (L) and Jim Jones (R) and his fiancé Chrissy Lampkin @therealmamajones/Instagram (L-R) Rapper Jim Jones and cast member Chrissy Lampkin attend VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” New York premiere at District 36 on March 2, 2011, in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

In 2017 on Christmas day, Mama Jones lost her house in a fire. Jim promised his mother he would buy her another house to compensate for the one she’d lost. On Feb. 24’s episode, the Dipset artist surprised his mom with a brand-new home — fulfilling his promise to her. However, he purposely forgot to tell his mother that Lampkin designed the home.

After Jim Jones’ sister spilled the beans, Mama Jones’ excitement about her new home instantly turned to anger.

“I was totally upset that Chrissy decorated this house,” Mama Jones said in her confessional. “Our pasts really wasn’t all that great. So for me to sit here and you have someone decorate my house that we’re not feeling each other like that, that’s a no no.”

She continued, “You don’t even understand. For two years he’s been building this house and getting me all excited and he didn’t say nothing to me about no Chrissy designing the house.”

“LHHNY” viewers called Mama Jones out for being “ungrateful” and “petty.”

“I don’t understand how she loved the house at first literally loved the house but as soon as she finds out Chrissy designed the house she don’t like it no more? That’s ungrateful asf she’s being very petty and childish. By all means respect your elders but she doing way to much. That house is beautiful big ups to Chrissy 🔥 she did that.”

“She needs to be humbled….immediately! Who gives a shit u got a house change it next yr that’s it. Case closed no need to do that, it seems that u are being ungrateful. It seems like you carrying that pettiness 🤷🏽‍♀️”

“Omg give over it, just saying thank you,does it matter who designed the house. She petty and crazy and entitled but we knew that…💯”

After recieving massive backlash, Mama Jones responded to fans under the official “LHH” IG page, “How am I the f–k being petty that’s my house and I should be entitled to actually do what I wanna do with my house that’s a sanctuary for any woman no woman wants another woman to decorate her house every woman’s taste is different.”

Chrissy Lampkin

She also told a fan “f–k, you” before adding, “It’s one thing when my son does it it’s another thing with Chrissy we do not see eye to eye I don’t mess with nobody that doesn’t mess with me.”

In a recent interview with People Tv, Mama Jones said she and Lampkin’s relationship is non-existent.

“We’re on no terms,” she said. “It’s no terms, it’s just there. She’s there, and that’s about it.”

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