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‘Wow’: Ciara Causes ‘Chaos’ On the ‘Gram With Colorful ’90s Look

Over 327,000.

That’s how many likes one of Ciara‘s photos received in just one day, with over 2,600 comments being left as well.

@ciara Instagram

The pic shows Ciara in red leather knee-high boots, a pink turtleneck sweater with the word “Chaos” written on the front, a pink and red leather jacket and red tinted sunglasses. She has her hair in two long pigtails as well, and they’re both loaded with several ball hair ties in different colors.

“Queeen is slayin!🙌🏻😍🖤,” wrote one of Ciara’s followers.

“I’m getting my hair like this!!” another fan commented.

“Wow cici you did this shoot honey! Gorgeous!” someone wrote.

“Ayyyeee took it back with the bo-bo’s in your hair!🔥😎”

There was also one person who said Ciara was giving off “Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes vibes😍.”


The photos were part of a shoot for Fault Magazine since Ciara is on the cover of its latest issue. In the article, she talked about topics such as race, her career and the legacy she wants to leave behind.

“I want the younger generation to look at my journey and despite many setbacks, I never gave up on pursuing what I dreamed,” she explained. “I never allowed the color of my skin or gender to hold me back from what I was meant for. With every door that was closed to me, I found a new and better one to open.”

“I stayed true to my values and morals and never lost myself along this journey and that’s not easy in this business,” added Ciara. “And most importantly, I want to be remembered as someone who cared and had an impact in the lives of the youth and beyond.”

On Tuesday, Ciara posted a photo of the cover shot to Instagram, and people had all kinds of nice things to say about it.

“Come through with the cuteness and nostalgia 🔥😍,” someone wrote about her ’90s look.

“Did the damn thing with this magazine spread!” another person stated.



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