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‘The Devil is a Liar’: Romeo Miller Blasts the Idea That His Family Hurt His Career

Romeo Miller posted an Instagram message on Wednesday, Feb. 26 and said there’s been people who’ve told him that his family hurt his career. But Romeo blasted that notion, adding that he refuses to turn his back on them.

Romeo’s father, of course, is Master P and his mother is Sonya Miller.

Romeo Miller denied that his family hurt his career. (Photo: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“You’ll be surprised how many companies, business partners, and even people in the industry tried to tell me my togetherness and bond with my father and (family) is a weakness to my own greatness 😂🤥👿,” stated Romeo. “Boy the devil is a liar hahaha. Better wake up!”

“They know what we are capable of if we stick together. Do you?” he added. “Through thick or thin, ain’t nobody turning me on my parents (some s–t u gotta just take to the grave). No family is perfect, but we must stay united through the ways of this wicked world. God Got Me! Exodus 20:12 #BlackExcellence #NoFamilyIsPerfect #ProsAndCons.” 

One could say that Romeo’s message is a sign that things have improved between him and his mother.

In 2015, when Sonya and Master P were going through a bitter divorce, Sonya sued Romeo. She accused her ex-husband of using Romeo to hide his assets by putting him on company payrolls.

Romeo sent a tweet on the day that he learned he was being sued.

“Today I was SERVED by my own mother and although it hurts, I know that she can’t be 100% behind all of these ridiculous moves but instead is being guided by another’s greed,” he wrote then. “I haven’t spoken to my mother in months due to advice she’s taking from her lawyers. It sucks because the only reason I’ve worked so hard was to make my mother proud.” 

Underneath Romeo’s new message about his parents, a lot of people told him that he’s right to stick with his family and he should continue to ignore those who’ve said they’ve hurt his career.

“Family over everything,” someone wrote.

“So true,” another person commented. “People will try to discourage what they don’t have. And having a united family is rare these days💎.” 

“No one wins when the family feuds,” wrote a third person, who quoted a line from Jay-Z‘s song “Family Feud.”

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