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‘Girl Get the Hell Up’: Joseline Hernandez Fans Gag After She Seemingly Kisses Her Man’s Feet

Joseline Hernandez made social media users a little uncomfortable as they were watching the Thursday, Feb. 20 episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.

In the middle of a heated argument between the couple, Hernandez, 33, jumped on the floor and apparently kissed the feet of her boyfriend, DJ Balistic Beats. Although the pair eventually made up, the scene left viewers in shock.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez and Balistic Beats WE tv screenshot

During the episode, the “MBC” stars participated in a couple’s counseling activity, where one person could socialize with a group of people at their pool party, while the other had to watch how he or she behaved on camera. Well, Beats spotted Hernandez feeding grapes to another man and completely lost his cool.

The Miami DJ left the camera room and confronted the “Puerto Rican Princess” on her behavior.

“Get the f–k inside, man. … Party the f–k over, man,” he yelled at Hernandez. He even struck a champagne glass and told her, “I told you, treat me like a king! Don’t disrespect me!”

After the couple entered the mansion, an emotional Hernandez apologized to Beats for her actions, saying, “I’m sorry, I should have never fed the fruit to the guy. I’m sorry, my apologies.” She then offered to kiss his feet and jumped down to the floor in tears.

Beats eventually picked the mother of one up off the floor and told her,”Get up, babe. Come on, you don’t have to do that.”

MBC” viewers and social media users had mixed reactions to the incident.

Joseline Hernandez
DJ Balistic Beats and Joseline Hernandez @joseline/Instagram

“The way I just hollered 😂😂 Girlll get the hell up the man asked for RESPECT not feet kissing 😂 you doing too much now”

“Honestly id be piss too and yes bitch ur gonna have to do some crazy s–t like kiss my feet for me to get over it!”

“Oh Stevie ruined the F–K out that girl ain’t no fucking way she go from stepping on throats to kissing feet”

“WTF did I just watch if she don’t get her ass up off the floor lol 😩”

Neither Hernandez nor Beats have addressed the episode, but the couple seemed to still be on good terms.

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