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‘You Bettah!’: Tami Roman Gives Fans a Run for Their Money with Her New Ginger Hairdo

Tami Roman has a new hairdo and a spicy attitude to match.

The “Basketball Wives” star left fans blown away with her gorgeous looks this week and garnered over 15,000-plus likes on a recent post. She took to her Instagram page on Thursday, Feb. 27 and posted an image that showed her fiercely posing on a white vehicle.

Tami Roman
Tami Roman @tamiroman @/Instagram

Roman, who’s known for rocking her signature blond tresses, flossed her new ginger ringlets. The vivacious color complemented her all-black look. She rocked a black mini-dress, duster, scarf and Christian Louboutin thigh-high boots, and jazzed up her guise with silver accessories.

The “BBW” actress posed with her leg slightly bent and captioned the post, “Posted. All CAP. Dis ain’t my s–t 😂”

Fans gushed over her new hair color and complimented her on how beautiful she looked.

“Yes leg 🦵🏾 ‼️‼️‼️ YOU BETTAH!!! That hair color is everything on you aunty!🔥”

“Pose on them tami 💪🏽 Pretty😍 also love color what’s the name of this color looks so pretty on you!!!!!”

“Gotta love you. 😂😂😂 Straight never chase those louboutins are 🔥 you look tf good boo”

“So Real! Reasons why I love me some Tami💯😂 you could have it if you wanted but you choose not! You LOOK FABULOUS 🔥!”

Roman’s sexy ginger look comes days after she made a shocking revelation about her personal life.

She revealed that she and husband Reginald “Reggie” Youngblood tried three times to have a child, but her pregnancies all resulted in miscarriages. The mother of two said they’re now considering surrogacy.

Tami Roman
Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood (@tamiroman/Instagram)

“He has no children,” she told Keyshia Cole this week on the singer’s new “Fox Soul” show. “We tried three times. We, unfortunately, suffered three miscarriages. And, you know, now we’re considering a surrogate. You know, something like that. I saw Kandi had somebody have her baby … I said, Oh okay chile, that’s what we doing now? So we got the eggs and we harvested those and now we’re looking for a person to carry. “

The 49-year-old Roman and Youngblood, 32, secretly wedded in 2018. Roman has two daughters, Lyric and Jazz Anderson, from her previous marriage with Kenny Anderson.

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