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‘His Ass Always Blocked’: Wale Rallies the Trolls by Nonchalantly Checking Joe Budden on His Hate of ‘Famous’ People

New York rapper Joe Budden went from “pump, pump, pump it up” to having a storyline on “Love & Hip-Hop New York” and an adorable baby with former co-star and ex-fiance Cyn Santanna, to having one of the most popular podcasts out.

How Sway?

Only Budden knows, but whatever it is is paying off considering his show “Pull Up” is in its third season, and has pulled in the likes of Big Sean, Rick Ross and Megan Thee Stallion, just to name a few of the music industry fan favorites.

Joe Budden and Wale
Fans say Joe Budden and Wale are two industry cats who refuse to accept it in latest tease for “Pull Up.” (Photo: @joebudden/Instagram)

This season’s second episode features “Lotus Flower Bomb” rapper Wale. The two have known each other for a decade; with that type of rapport their interactions were nothing short of hilarious.

Their conversation went something like this:

Joe: Jesus I hate famous people. I wake up early daily. Not I woke up early to go somewhere.

Wale: Why do you hate famous people?

Joe: Y’all live in like this other dimension.

Wale: Why you keep saying y’all?

Joe: ‘Cause you’re famous.

Wale: Ain’t you on a tv show? Don’t you got a podcast that’s like one of the biggest podcast in the world? Aren’t you um, interviewing one of the best rappers of all time right now? So what does that make you?

Joe: Popular.

Wale: Famous. Next question.

Budden is far from wet behind the ears so he’s no stranger to fans trolling him, which is exactly what they did.

“Bruh 😂😂😂😂 he read him down,” read one comment.

Another person chimed in with, “😂😂😂😂Joe a character … that’s why his ass always BLOCKED 😂😩😩😩”

“lol Joe played himself with that statement😂😂😂”

“Joe Budden started smiling on the inside when he realized he was famous. Still a cornball who couldn’t make in the industry”

Cornball or not, Budden is racking up views and listens — which all translates into dollars.

“It’s totally in the hands of the fans and participants of the culture. They determine how valuable you are.” 

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