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‘Black Don’t Crack’: Keyshia Cole Shows off New Look in Bathroom Pic that Leaves Fans Swooning

R&B singer Keyshia Cole seems to be in a better place in her life. Her mother Francine “Frankie” Lons decided to check herself in a drug rehabilitation facility, and she’s enjoying life with her boyfriend, rapper Niko Khale, and their new addition, Tobias Khale.

With new beginnings comes new changes, and Cole’s look is no exception. “Babe 👀 Come in the bathroom and take this picture for me 😍,” the 38-year-old Cole captioned her latest photo.

Keyshia Cole is showcasing her new look on Instagram, and fans are here for it.
(Photo: @KeyshiaCole Instagram)

Cole rocked a spaghetti strap, low-cut top, black-and-white pants, a leather jean jacket, a black hat, and fuchsia-colored hair. The “Heaven Sent” songstress received several compliments from fans on her eccentric look.

“Omg 😮 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️ J’adore 💖j’adore 💖 WoW 😮 💖soooo beautiful 💖💖.”

“That Glow 💛 Love you, Queen 👑.”

“You look so beautiful, my favorite girl in the world 💕👑 , @keyshiacole.”

“Black really don’t crack, u still look the same from when u did ‘Love’ video ❤️.”

“When you are happy, it shows.”

Along with being in a peaceful space with her family, Cole also has a new show on BET titled “Keyshia Cole: My New Life.”

Fans can gain insight into her career, relationship, and her family dynamic that includes Khale, their son Tobias, Lons — her mother — and her eldest son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., whose father is former NBA Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel Gibson.

The show premiered Monday, Nov. 18 2019, on BET. During season one of the show, Cole had a sit-down with her mother. The pair discussed death as well as their relationship that has been rocky over the years due to Lons’ substance abuse habits.

“If I die today, you gone move on, you gotta make it,” the 59-year-old Lons told her daughter. “You have to live for you and your family, not nobody else.”

Despite the conversation on death, the “Let it Go” singer praised her mother in January of this year for checking in a facility for treatment after she relapsed in August 2018, Cole revealed.

“My day today. happy YOU DECIDED ON YOUR OWN, to check YOURSELF INTO a facility to get treatment,” Cole wrote.

“It’s only been two weeks but, I’m trying to be hopeful and optimistic. Maybe that’s what’ll make THIS TIME different. This being what YOU WANTED AND NO ONE ELSE…….. Maybe this is the YEAR IN ALL ASPECTS !!!!! GREATNESS #Mom.”

Keyshia Cole shared photos praising her mother, Frankie Lons, for checking herself into a rehabilitation facility.
(Photos: @KeyshiaCole Instagram)

Fans cheered on Cole’s mother in the comment section for taking responsibility for gaining control of her life and substance abuse addiction.

“Keyshia, I love love, love the faith that you have in your mom. Frank, the bank, you got this! Your babies and grandbabies need you .”

“All the best to you, Frankie!”

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