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‘Bawdy is Ridiculous’: Jordyn Woods Sends Fans Overboard with Sexy Shot

Jordyn Woods got a lot of people’s attention with an Instagram photo she shared on Thursday, Feb. 20.

It shows the 22-year-old in a black top, shiny black pants, and black boots while holding a Louis Vuitton bag. Woods’ back is slightly turned to the camera as well as she looks back at it with a sort of side glance.

Jordyn Woods shared a photo of herself in an all-black outfit, and people had plenty to say about it. (Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“It’s rare to see her 🖤,” wrote Woods in the caption.

So far, out of the over 1,170 comments that were left, some said they loved Woods’ all-black look, as well as her hair, which fell down her back.

But many commented on her figure and paid her all kinds of compliments.

“Poking out babe,” one of her Instagram followers wrote.

“That thang heavy,” another stated.

“Bawdy is ridiculous 😍,” a third comment read.


There were also people who sent Woods marriage proposals, and one guy said he’s even willing to be mistreated by the former “Life of Kylie” co-star.

“I’ll let you disrespect me,” that person wrote.

Woods shared another post of the all-black outfit on Friday, Feb. 21, and it shows three split images.

One of the pics is the same shot that she posted one day prior. The second one shows pretty much the same pose, but it’s a little bit different. The third photo shows Woods facing the camera.

“Ugh this look is a total vibe 😍,” one person wrote under that post.

Others called Woods “gorgeous” in the split image post, one person called her “thick as hell” and people used the word “damn” a whole bunch to express how much they admire her shape.

That second upload that shows the black outfit received over 195,000 likes in just seven hours, and over 1,000 comments were left.


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