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‘They Do Anything For Clout’: NeNe Leakes’ Pic with Phaedra’s Ex Apollo has Fans Shaking Their Collective Heads

Would it be “Real Housewives of Atlanta” if the word “drama” wasn’t involved? Of course not, and fans are catching the mess not only on the show but on social media. 

The OG housewife herself, NeNe Leakes, performed at the“Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour Saturday, Feb. 22 at The Met Philadelphia. 

In attendance was the ex husband of former “RHOA” castmate Phaedra Parks’. With Parks’ ex, Apollo Nida — also formerly of “RHOA” — was his fiancée Sherien Almufti. Leakes, Nida and his fiancée chopped it up backstage and posed for a picture that was shared on Nida’s and Almufti’s Instagram pages. 

“We had a great time hanging with @neneleakes last night. The show was amazingly funny,” Nida wrote. “After so many years, thanks for the same wonderful vibes and positive energy. #muchsuccess.” 

(from L-R) Sherien Almufti, Nene Leakes, and Apollo Nida posing backstage at the Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour.
(Photo: @ApolloNida03 Instagram)

“Ladies night out, comedy tour! We had a blast @neneleakes thank you ❤️,” Almufti wrote for her caption. 

While Parks and Nida are no longer together, and it’s clear that she and Leakes are in a better space, fans still found the picture to be quite messy. 


“‘They Do Anything For Clout!’.”

“KING PETTY…👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂.”

“Why NeNe hanging out with him?”

“Messy petty shady, no loyalty.”

“Phaedra not even show no more and still making it hurt🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ don’t worry, y’all never get that peach either.” 

The majority ruled that the picture was controversial, while others found Leakes’ picture with Nida and Almufti to be mature. 

“Ppl are cllng Nene messy but how shit…he cm to the show so ws she nt supposed to tk a pic …also ppl are assuming Phaedra & him are in a bad space. Adults know how to be cordial🤷🏾‍♀️.” 

“I see nothing wrong with this. He came to her show and supported her. If Phaedra ain’t got no issues with it, why do yah.” 

“People need to mind their business, what’s the problem Nene taking pictures with a old friend. Who without sin cast the first stone, I Will Wait.”

Welp! The readers can be the judge of this situation. 

Parks and Nida wed in 2009, separated in 2014, and later divorced in 2017.

Parks was done with her marriage to Nida after he was sentenced to eight years in 2014 for fraud and identity theft at the FCI Fort Dix, a low-security federal correctional institution in New Jersey. His sentence subsequently was reduced by one year.

While behind bars, Nida and Almufti became closer. Dailymail reported that he and Almufti have reportedly been dating since 2014, and the couple got engaged in 2016. 

Following his release from prison, Nida was taken into custody at the Philadelphia Federal Courthouse for allegedly breaking a technical condition of his release in June, Bravo reported.

Nida became a free man yet again in August 2019. He and Parks share two children, Dylan, 6, and Ayden, 9. 

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