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‘A Lil Fine With Some Wine’: La La Anthony Captivates Fans With Her Baddie Look

Sometimes La La Anthony stuns her fans with a pic of herself in a nice outfit or gown, and other times her mere face causes a stir.

That’s exactly what happened after the actress shared an Instagram pic of herself on Thursday, Feb. 20, that shows her face and hair close up.

La La Anthony caused a stir after she posted a closeup photo of herself. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage via Getty Images)

La La is wearing a yellow top in the photo as well, and people called her gorgeous underneath it. They also had something to say about her long auburn hair and big hazel eyes.

“Deep thoughts 💭,” wrote La La in the caption.

“The most mesmerizing eyes on the planet!!!” someone wrote afterward.

“The color of your hair is beautiful 👌🏾,” another person stated.

Plus, there was one person who told La La that she’s aging backward.

“Wow!! You’re looking younger and younger🔥,” that person stated.

La La’s husband Carmelo Anthony also came up.

“Girl if u wasn’t with mellow,” one fan warned.

“You even gorgeous when you in deep thought,” wrote someone else.

There was also someone who wrote, “A lil fine with some wine 🍷.”

Unquestionably, the mother of one has been wowing her fans with Instagram photos pretty much since the year began. In late January, she shared a photo of herself in a pink gown that got rave reviews from fans.

She posted a swimsuit pic earlier this month as well that people are still commenting on.

La La shared a shot of herself and 13-year-old son Kiyan too. She did it on the first week of February, and people were blown away at how tall he’s gotten.

Meanwhile, underneath La La’s recent closeup shot, people keep telling her how lovely she is.

“Very beautiful picture honey,” someone stated.

Beyoncé vibes 🚨 Beautiful,” another person wrote.


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