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‘That’s Not Your Child’: Why Remy Ma’s Video with Daughter Has Fans Sparring Over Her Parenting Choices

‘That’s Not Your Child’: Why Remy Ma’s Video with Daughter Has Fans Sparring Over Her Parenting Choices

If ever there was a baby who looked like just like a doll it would have to be lyricists Remy Ma and Papoose’s daughter Reminisce MacKenzie!

With chubby cheeks, a button nose and two little Afro puffs atop her head, the little one melted hearts on social media. Fans swooned over what was a sweet moment of the “Golden Child” adorably sharing a Coke with her mother, but things derailed when folks attempted to mommy-shame Remy.

Remy Ma and daughter
Remy Ma shares adorable video of her daughter Reminisce sharing a Coca Cola with her. @remyma/Instagram

“Aww she’s drinking pop already? Her poor future teeth 😂 She’s a cutie though ❤️,” wrote one person. Although a valid question, considering baby Mackie is only 14 months old, fans of the New York native weren’t here for the slightest hint of shade.

“Before y’all start that’s not your child,” said a person defending Remy from what became a flood of comments in opposition of the baby drinking a sugary soda.

“True but ignorance is not bliss..The young child drinking soda isn’t either 😊😊”

As to be expected, people who felt it was not the public’s place to police what Remy allows her child to have or do, and those who were pointing out common ideas on what a child should and should not do found themselves at odds in the comments.

“Chiming in on other mothers about how and what they do with their child. Not today not today!😂”

“That baby ain’t chugging down cokes all day every day lol, she good lol.”

“I thought it takes a village? So, which is it? Are we suppose to care or not?”

The debate on if a child of any age should be drinking juice or soda is nothing new, and clearly Remy and her husband were OK with filming and sharing their child having a sip of the soda.

“She all grown she got the phone she drinking soda and she being nosey watching everybody 😂😂”

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