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‘2 Kids, WHERE?’: Tommie Lee Leaves Fans Gushing Over Breathtaking Bikini Pic

Former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Tommie Lee is undoubtedly a brick house and letting it all hang out in a recent bikini pic. “Night Cap @fashionnova fashionnovapartner,” the 35-year-old captioned the photo. 

Former “LHHATL” star Tommie Lee is wearing a two-piece bikini from Fashion Nova.

Lee showcased her curvaceous body in an all-white Fashion Nova two-piece bathing suit. In the second photo fans can see a gun tattoo on her right hip and a more massive tattoo going up the same side of her torso, all while she rocked a black New York Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses. 

Tommie Lee shows off some tattoos.
@tommiee_ /Instagram

The mother of two had fans swooning over her toned body in the comments section. 

“Dammnnnn, girl, your body is amazing 😍😍😍.”

“Mf bodddyyy goals. Show me your ways buuut I’m onna budget soooo yeah…the discounted version please and thank you 🍑🤤😍🔥.” 

“Dayyyyyum, Tommiee got body for dayyyyyyyzzzz 💕🙌🏽💕.”

“That bawdy 😩 how I’m trying to look in a few more years 😍.”

“2 kids, WHERE?! 😍😫.”


While Lee received mostly favorable views, she did receive some criticism from one commentator who wrote that Lee would get a man if she didn’t post her photo that flaunted her physique. 

“Maybe if you STOP showing yourself you will get a DECENT MAN, 👨🏾 you ain’t gotta do all that You are a beautiful young lady,” the user wrote. 

Lee, being the outspoken woman she is, clapped back at the user in her comments section, claiming that she’s not looking for a man. 

“I’m Not looking for A decent man, and if wearing a swimsuit is considered showing myself, then I don’t want A man who’s small-minded and insecure either,” Lee wrote as a rebuttal. 

Lee’s response garnered 44 likes, and, by the looks of her social media account, she continues to post what she wants on her page regardless of other people’s opinions. 

On a lighter note, Lee is consistent in her workouts in videos, also shown on her Instagram account, which explains how she keeps her body in shape. In a recent workout video she posted herself doing jumping jacks and squats while sporting the What Waist thigh band. 

Keeping her health a priority is part of her 2020 resolutions, as she mentioned in the video caption. 

“@warriorlifestyleprogram workouts are no joke, but I’m determined to make my health a priority this year. What do you guys think about my @whatwaistofficial thigh band? 🥰.” 

Tommie Lee working out in the gym.

Fans found motivation from Lee’s workout video and complimented her for keeping her body in shape. 

“Looks like I need all that cause, you have an amazing body.”

“Go for it. Continue to take care of yourself.”

“Let’s go tommiee 💪🏽 🔥 💦.”

“It’s great keep going. I need to keep watching U so I can do the same😏MONKEY 👀 MONKEY DO.. I HEAR IT HELPS WITH MENTAL HEALTH AS WELL.” 

“I know whatever it is you are doing/using in the gym is WORKING👌🏼👏🏼 you look so beautiful, Tommie!”

“You go, girl 💪💯🇯🇲.” 

Lee has been accused of getting liposuction in the past but has never confirmed whether she’s undergone the procedure. Whether one believes that she has gotten work done or not, there’s little doubt she works on her body in the gym. 

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