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‘I Got a Headache’: Joseline Hernandez’s New Music Video Derails After Fans Trash It

Joseline Hernandez is back at it with new music, and fans have an earful to say.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star released a music video to her new single “Sex Drive” on Sunday and posted a clip of the visual to Instagram. The video showed Hernandez posing as a stripper and robbing the owner, who was played by her boyfriend Balistic Beats.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez. @joseline/Instagram

The “LHHMIA” actress rapped suggestive lyrics to her song. The intro to “Sex Drive” starts, “Let’s hit the road, I ain’t really got no interest if your love is small.” She captioned her post with the hashtag “Sex Drive.”

Although her music video received over 132,000 views, several fans expressed their dislike for it.

“Tf is this? 🤣 She gotta give music up and who shot this video😰? Issa no for me dawg”

“The visual is a bit disappointing she should just stick to stripping. I got a headache 🤕 from listening to dis”

“‘She dropped some new music on us?!’ Pls tell her to pick that s–t back up!💯 this is a no 😪”

“Stop playin 😂 yo wtf is this @joseline this Amit it baby start a clothing line or something”

In November 2017, the “LHHMIA” star dropped a diss record titled “Hate Me Now” toward megastar and former “LHHNY” actress Cardi B. Hernandez wrote via Twitter, “Exposing You Hoes.” She also added in her lyrics, “Drag a Bronx bi**h, yeah I said it—what you gonna do?/Fabricated, illustrated, cartoon/Bloody my a**…you holler Blood—who the hell cosigned this h*e?”

Hernandez insinuated that Cardi was a “wanna-be” version of her, but her ex-boyfriend Stevie J. claimed Hernandez was jealous of the “Bodak Yellow” star’s music career. Cardi never responded.

Despite the recent criticism Hernandez received on her new single, a slew of her fans still showered her with support.

“I love the the lyrics, goes great with the music you did it on this this one, the best… I love this !!! 💞”

“Muchhh betttterrrrr than your music with Stevie 🔥 . You were always capable of so much more then that man was givin you. I like this”
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