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‘If I Don’t Do it, Who Gone Do it?’:Waka Flocka and Wife Tammy Rivera Agree to Disagree in Hilarious Q&A

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame and his wife Tammy Rivera have been together for nearly a decade, and for the most part fans of the couple have watched them grow through their shares of ups and downs.

From just dating when they joined “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” to renewing their vows in a 2019 wedding special, the “Flockas Tie the Knot” audiences have seen some hilarious moments shared between the duo. With the rapper’s busy schedule and Rivera’s reality TV presence, it’s easy to wonder who does what in their marriage.

Waka Flocka
Photo credit@charliesangell Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka

“Tammy remember everything. She so thoughtful when it comes to gifts. I have a zillion things going on so I can’t even think about the most thoughtful,” said the rapper. His wife quickly chimed in saying, “It’s not about materialistic things, sometimes it’s about emotional things. I be telling him everything don’t have to be about money.”

The 33-year-old Rivera, who has daughter Charlie Rivera from a previous relationship, isn’t shy about the money she spends or her taste for luxury bags.

“I spend the most money because I’m the one getting stuff done around the house. If I don’t do it, who gone do it?,” added Rivera.

Prior to the couple’s vow renewal, they pulled back the curtain on their relationship by joining Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hip Edition. In front of millions of viewers Mr. and Mrs. Malphurs (Flocka’s real name is Juaquin Malphurs) worked through trust issues and moving past infidelities.

“We are just doing us,” said the rapper in a New York Post interview. “Our strength is our unity and I want us to be an example of ‘anything can happen if you really are looking for love.’ “

The duo secretly wed in 2014 at a Georgia courthouse, but after five years of marriage, the couple renewed their vows in front of family and friends in a beach ceremony in Mexico.

“We always said if we survive 5 years we will do the whole traditional ceremony, the rings, the wedding, the dress THE WHOLE SHEBANG,” wrote Rivera on Instagram.

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