‘Knock Me Out’: Angela Simmons Puts Her Cheeks on Display, Social Media Loses it

Yo Gotti isn’t the only one that’s going to have a crush on Angela Simmons. “The Growing Up Hip Hop” reality star probably has many men sliding in her DMs after she showcased her toned legs and derriere for the ’Gram Thursday. 

“I can do it either way 📸 #AroundTheWayGirl 生きがい #BnB 📸 : @tyrenredd,” Simmons captioned the photo. 

Reality star Angela Simmons flaunting her buns.

Fans were left swooning in the comments over Simmons’ voluptuous figure. 

“Natural goals!!! Hardbody!!! Real cute sis!!! @angelasimmons.”

“You’re always doin it 🙌😏💯💕❤️.”

“Dammmm, knock me out beautiful thighs no cap beautiful all around. I am so jealous.”

“You fine as f– sure you hear that often.”

“Luv it, Angela, you work hard, so flaunt it.”

“There u go f– up the net again 🙌🏾.” 

While some fans focused on Simmons’ physique, others brought up her turbulent friendship/love affair with rapper Romeo Miller. 

“Romeo might have a heart attack lol 😂 you so bomb 💣 😘😘😘.” 

“Girl put some clothes on sis 😆😆 I see what @romeomiller is talking about, smh 😢.” 

“Romeo is not gonna be happy!!!” 

The two have confessed that they’ve had feelings for each other, but on a Dec. 19 “GUHH” episode Simmons’ older sister Vanessa Simmons told her that Miller wants to cut her out of his life. 

Vanessa and Miller were discussing a going-away party, and Angela’s name came up for the guest list. Miller wasn’t up for the idea about her coming to his party. 

“He was mad about your posting. He doesn’t like basketball players you’re posting,” Vanessa her sister. “He feels like he doesn’t have time for this s–. How you post, what you post,” she added. 

The basketball player comment is more than likely referring to now-Minnesota Timberwolves NBA player Allen Crabbe. Rumors began to swirl that Simmons was dating Crabbe when she attended one of his Brooklyn Nets games and rode with him in his car. 

Crabbe and Simmons posted each other on their Instagram Stories in March 2019 with Rahsaan Patterson’s “Spend the Night” blasting in the background. 

Miller and Simmons’ relationship didn’t get to flourish because in November 2018, her ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson was shot to death. The two shared a son, Sutton Joseph Tennyson. 

In a Page Six interview not long after Tennyson was killed, Miller said then that he and Simmons had excellent chemistry and were good friends, but he would be respecting her in her time of grief. 

“She lost somebody, and she definitely got to grieve. … I am not a dude to take advantage of that. … That is one of my good friends,” Miller said. “I think people just want to see people like that together in general. But you can’t rush that — whatever happens happens.”

That was back in 2018, and the two don’t seem to be on the same page as they once were.

Nonetheless, Simmons still has people fawning over her, and thanks to her continuous workouts publicized on her page, the 32-year-old’s compliments are well deserved. 

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