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‘She Loves Him So Much’: Steve and Marjorie Harvey’s ‘Tea Time’ Photo Leaves Fans Gushing

Marjorie Harvey shared a photo of herself and her husband Steve Harvey that many said they adored.

The shot shows the couple enjoying some tea in London, England. Both are wearing dark colored jackets while they sip out of green and white striped cups. They’re also sitting at a table with a white table cloth over it, and the pic looks like it was taken in a fancy restaurant.

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@marjorie_harvey Instagram

The photo was posted on Saturday, Jan. 25, and it’s already been liked over 30,000 times. There were also over 220 comments left.

“Beautiful Couple,” wrote one of Marjorie’s Instagram followers.

“Blessing 🙏🏽He who finds a Wife finds a Good Thing 👏🏽,” wrote someone else.

“Honestly they are the cutest couple. She loves him so much,” another person stated.

Plus, a fourth fan of Marjorie’s wrote, “So beautiful watching you two rolling as boss into 2020!”

Besides that photo, people have also been responding to a video clip of Steve and his grandson Ezra.

The “Family Feud” host shared the video on Instagram last week, after Marjorie shared it to her Instagram page in December. The video shows Steve talking to the 1-year-old .

That post has been viewed over 920,000 times and among the nearly 1,900 comments that were left, people called the clip adorable while leaving a bunch of kind words.

Plus, a lot of folks said they love the tub in the shot and wish they owned one.

“Too cute! Also, I love the fireplace over the tub! Very elegant!!” someone wrote on Instagram.

“He is so cute but This bath set up too!! Lawd! So relaxing!!” another person stated.

“That tub just called me poor 😩,” a third fan wrote.

“With that kind of a bathroom I will be motivated and inspired everyday😃😘,” a fourth fan wrote.

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