“Real Rich People Sh–‘: Steve Harvey’s Slippery Shoe Hack has Fans Checking their Bank Accounts

Steve Harvey is out here on the ‘Gram dropping OG gems to keep fellas — and ladies — from slipping and sliding around like James Brown.

The comedian shared a video of his hack to rid new shoes of their slippery soles with caption, “Go get you a steak knife.. cut/criss cross..straight up and down. Kills all the slip. Done. *OGtrippletripple #familyfeudsa #killsatheslip.”

Although useful, several commenters were left clutching their chests as they watched Harvey slice the sole of new leather shoes.

“I feel like there has to be a better way to do this”

“This is out of my tax bracket” and “this some real rich people sh– right here,” were comments that racked up laughing emojis from those who agreed their budget did not have room for Harvey’s shoe hack.

“You need to be a certain type of ‘rich’ to slice your designer shoes like that. Lemme keep slipping. I’ll enjoy the ride 😄”

Steve Harvey
Comedian Steve Harvey shares his hack to rid new leather shoes of their slippery soles. @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram

Now, those keeping up with the romance between Harvey’s stepdaughter Lori Harvey and rapper Future would be remiss if they did not take advantage of an opportunity to make mention of either of the love birds. So, of course, folks jumped at the opportunity.

“Future don’t get caught ‘slippin’ 😭😭” and similar messages found their way into the conversations, only adding to the laughs being had in the photo’s comments section.

All jokes aside, fans all agreed that Harvey is everyone’s sharp-dressing television uncle. Since wedding his longtime love Marjorie Harvey, he’s upgraded his life and entire wardrobe.

Gone are the days of Harvey wearing oversized linen suits and a high top. The 63-year-old now rocks threads from luxury fashion labels while his parades the streets of Paris during Fashion Week giving models a run for their money.

“Y’all are just wooo so beautiful 😍💜💜”

“I LOVE me some y’all! Keep doing whatcha doing!!”

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