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‘So Inspired by This’: Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Responds to Video Being Made by Children Battling Cancer

Sean “Diddy” Combs responded to a video that was posted by a group of children fighting cancer, and his response has inspired a lot of people to help out.

The video was launched by Milk Tyson, who’s the founder of Fighting All Monsters (FAM), an organization based in Miami that helps families who have children facing life-threatening challenges.

The more than two-minute clip, which was posted to YouTube on Dec. 31, shows the children dancing to Combs’ 2001 single “Bad Boy for Life,” which features Black Rob and rapper Mark Curry. The children also hold signs in the video and ask the music mogul to dance with them.

Snoop Dogg appears at the beginning of the video and also asks Combs to join the children in some dance moves.

“Come on, Puff. Get it for me one time,” said Snoop. “Can you dance with the kids, Puff, please?”

Combs responded to the video on Thursday and said he was extremely touched by it.

“WOW! I’M SO INSPIRED BY THIS,” he wrote in all caps. “These kids are so strong and I’m humbled they’ve found strength in one of my songs. They are fearless and motivating me like nothing before.⁣”

“And of course I’ll dance with all of you!” he added. “Every time I’m feeling my energy shift I get up and dance. Keeps my vibrations high!⁣ I’ll dance with y’all everyday! Never stop believing… and remember WE AIN’T GOING NOWHERE!!!!”


Since Combs posted the video, TMZ reported that one person donated 100 iPads to the children. Plus, an executive at Apple asked FAM how he or she can help.

There’s been a dramatic rise in the number of people who’ve asked to volunteer at FAM as well, with at least 300 people sending messages to them within one hour of Combs’ post.

A couple of children of the organization also received two tickets to this year’s Super Bowl since Combs’ message. His team has contacted FAM as well, and the rapper and businessman is planning some sort of major assistance.

One of the parents of a FAM child talked about why “Bad Boy for Life” was used in the video.

“The Bad Boy for Life” song is kind of like the anthem, the unofficial anthem of FAM” a mother explained. “If you listen to the lyrics of, ‘We ain’t going nowhere.’ Basically, it’s telling cancer, ‘We’re not going anywhere.'”

After Combs shared the video and his message, his comments section was flooded with positive words.

“This is love ❤️. Madd respect,” one person wrote.

“@Diddy This is so huge I can’t even imagine what this is going to do for Childhood Cancer,” another person stated. “My 3 year old Sean ( the one holding the yellow sign) can’t wait to Dance with you!”

“This is a wonderful story stay strong little angels,” wrote another one of Combs’ followers.

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