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‘Not Bonnie’s Cabaret’: Fans Baffled After Joseline Hernandez Says This About Daughter’s Future

What does Stevie J. and the Puerto Rican Princess’ daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan, know about a cabaret? Apparently a whole lot, if you let her mother Joseline Hernandez tell it!

While screening her new Zeus Network show, Joseline’s Cabaret, Hernandez hilariously told the audience that her daughter was all for mommy’s return to the screen.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez. @joseline/Instagram

“Bonnie’s cabaret, I said, ’uh-uh, this Joseline’s cabaret,’” said the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” veteran. “If a 3-year-old can get with this, she’s tapped in, she’s in tune with future, everybody raise your hand if you’re in tune with future,” added the reality TV personality through her heavy accent.

Fans in the audience and on social media cackled at Hernandez’s unbelievable anecdote.

“What she say??”

“Not Bonnies cabaret 🤭”

“It be your own kids 😩”

Audiences first met the former fiery stripper-turned-rapper/singer in 2012 when the “Love and Hip Hop” franchise launched its down south spinoff. Since her small-screen debut, fans have watched Hernandez work on her English, fall in and out of love with Stevie J., go back and forth with Mimi Faust, and fight to regain her freedom as a single woman figuring out motherhood.

The 33-year-old even shared the limelight more directly with the father of her only child in their spinoff “Stevie J. and Joseline Go Hollywood,” which ended terribly and proved just how toxic the duo were for each another.

Despite a short-lived return to the “LHH” franchise, Hernandez seemingly threw in the towel in 2017. Yet, three years later and she’s back like she never left, with her new show about — drum roll, please — her running a strip club and looking for the finest talent to grace the stage and work a pole in Miami.

Juding by the trailer, there will be plenty of drama, fishnets and altercations between the women. The first episode aired Jan. 19, so it’s not too late to get into it!

“Episode 1 was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I can’t wait to see the rest❤️”

“You gone do what u do and it gone be great per usual”

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